Vajayjay List

We are compiling a list of euphemisms for vagina, here’s what we’ve got so far:

1.  VaJayJay

2.  Sweet Spot

3.  Nether Regions

4.  Private Parts

5.  Down There

6.  Satin Doll

7.  Pussy

8.  Bush

9.  VaGeena

10.  Good Girl

11.  Punani

12.  Downtown

13.  Southland

14.  Bald Man in a Boat

15.  Pink Taco

16.  Under the Hood

17.  Yoni

18.  Power Center

19.  Below the Equator

20.  Bajingo

21.  HaHa

22.  WhoWho

23.  Giggy-Goggy (thanks Tina)

24.  San-gina (thanks Crystal)

25.  Puakenikeni (thanks @.@, Gina and, of course, Nicole)

26.  Peen Cubby (FTW indeed, Pam)

27.  Hot Pocket (thats hot, Althea)

28.  Bearded Clam (thanks Grace)

29.  Kitty (thanks Brooke)

30.  Po-Po (thank you, Mallori)

31.  Groucho (another great one from Althea!)

32.  Vagoo (good one, NK)

33.  Pokengkeng

34.  Tulip (two great ones from Monica)

35.  Cookie

36.  Poumpoum (Two from Eleni, we’ll have to chat about this one)

37. Poon (thanks Marion, I’ll have to remember that next time we talk)

38. Kadoodle Poodle (or is it, “it” thanks PattyCakes)

39. Koochi (good one Leticia)

40. Honey Pot (Said by Jamie)

41. Cho-Cha (I think I might need that pronunciation Paige!)

42. Peach (by Debbie’s BFF)

43. WhoHa (by Debbie’s husband, now we have WhoWho and WhoHa, lol!)

44. Britney (That is the funniest thing ever Debbie – “as in: Please be careful getting out of the car because I really don’t want to see your britney.”

45. Koodapappy, thanks to Mrs…

46. Tina said Tootie, we’ll talk later Tina

47. Tuna Town and Beaver (by Wax Slinger)

48. Girlie Bits and Pink Parts (Thanks Kristina very cute)

49. Amberly agrees on Beaver with Wax Slinger

50. The Pink Wonderland (by Erica)

51. Taco no cheese, meat curtains and ladylips (Ok Barbara, do you really want to refer to your vajayjay as Taco no cheese?)

52. The Power Plant (by Judith)

53. Sugar Bowl (that’s cute Carmen)

54. Tater Pie (by TCB, sounds like you might be from the south 🙂

55. Curly Fries (from Leaf)

Sounds like men might just have food on the mind!

56. VG (RaShel also says Yoni, but it is #17)

57. The Box (by Cindy, lol)

58. Gam calls it yaya, friend calls it her hive and she calls it Caverna Magica (Great ones ChristieLynn)

59. NON (by Tina)

60. Organ Grinder (by Tangie)

61. Hot Volcano by EstheticsGirl

62. Muffin (by Sarah)

63. Whispering Eye? (by Lyndsay)

Do you have a unique term that isn’t already on the list? Share it in the comments and we’ll send you SweetSpot Labs swag.


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  2. Tina said


  3. Crystal said


  4. SweetTalk on the Spot said

    Those are two I’ve definitely never heard of. Added to the list! Check your inboxes for an email about your SweetSpot swag!

  5. @.@ said

    Puakenikeni (Credit: Nicole Scherzinger)

  6. Gina said


  7. Pam said

    Peen Cubby, FTW!

  8. SweetTalk on the Spot said

    Great additions! Keep them coming!

  9. Althea said

    I call mine the “hot pocket”! You know, like the food. lol

  10. Grace said

    bearded clam!

  11. Brooke said

    new term = kitty

  12. Althea said

    Mine’s runner-up name was Groucho.

    Posted as suggested 😉

  13. Mallori said


  14. nk said


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  17. Eleni said

    “cookie” and “poumpoum” are my 2 favourites

  18. SweetTalk on the Spot said

    I have a friend that says cookie too, not sure about poumpoum Eleni. Have to find out how you pronounce that.

  19. Marion said

    Poon!! (:

  20. PattyCakes said

    I proudly call “it” Kadoodle Poodle!!

  21. Leticia said


  22. SweetTalk on the Spot said

    I don’t know PattyCakes, sounds like you call it, “it”, lol.

  23. Jamie said

    No one has said ‘honey pot’?

  24. SweetTalk on the Spot said

    Very intriguing Jamie, thanks for your input!

  25. Paige said


  26. Brooklynn said

    for the longest time we called it “down there” but that’s not really a suitable name. then we settled on “peach” but it seemed like the boys kept bringing us back to the terms “pussy” and “cunt”. (am i allowed to say cunt on a blog??)

    anyway, it wasn’t until i was an adult that i settled on the preferable term va-jay jay. FINALLY, a digestible word we can all agree on!

  27. Debbie said

    My husband calls it a “whoha”

    My BFF calls it a “peach”

    Sometimes I call it a Britney… as in: Please be careful getting out of the car because I really don’t want to see your britney.

  28. SweetTalk on the Spot said

    Debbie that is the funniest thing I have heard in a long time! Good one.

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  30. Mrs... said


  31. Tina said


  32. Wax Slinger said

    For those older ones among us, remember that movie Grumpy Old Men? Charlie was talking about “Taking the Slow Boat to Tuna Town”…

    hahaha Tuna Town…. I love it.

    What about the “beaver” ????

  33. kristina said

    We like “girlie bits” and “pink parts”! This is fun!

  34. Amberly said


  35. Erica said

    The Pink Wonderland

  36. Barbara said

    hahaha my boyfriend always asks for ” taco no cheese. And dont forget ‘meat curtains’ and “ladylips’

  37. Judith said

    The Power Plant.

  38. Anita said

    Lady Garden

  39. Carmen said

    I can’t believe no one has used “sugar bowl.”

  40. tcb said

    Tater Pie

  41. leaf said

    well, Eve Ensler has them all in her show but my favourite has to be “curly fries”

  42. RaShel said

    I refer to mine as my VG. I saw that whoha was on the list already, but my sister has used that term for years. And how bout Yoni, its chinese for vagina 🙂

  43. Cindy said


  44. SweetTalk on the Spot said

    We are getting lots of great feedback, but I am wondering where we come up with these things? Just like a nickname for you spouse or your kids, how did it come about? Share a laugh, we would love to hear about it.

  45. ChristieLynn said

    My Gam calls it a yaya, my latina friend calls it her hive, I just say it is the Caverna Magica = Magic cave

  46. tina said

    NON… dont know why…but its fun to say…. waxing the non.

  47. Estheticsgirl said

    Hot volcano

  48. Tangie said

    The “Organ Grinder” and Mi$$ Muffett

  49. brooke k. said

    okay seriously! i think some of you guys are making these up just to get your swag. i never heard of some of these. i swear, the things people will do for some bidit!

  50. Sarah said

    Muffin… the title given by my mom when I was four 🙂

  51. SweetTalk on the Spot said

    Love it! Much better than the “v” word 🙂

  52. What about WHISPERING EYE!?!?

  53. Now remember, if you want to a FREE product, you have to email me at with your name and address!

    Thanks for your Euphemisms!

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