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When did virginity go bad?


by Cross Woodfield

If I recall, being a virgin used to be a good thing…girls wanted to seem virginal, guys wanted girls to seem virginal.

Virginal was in.  Virginal was sexy.


When did the tide turn?  1960?  2004? 


Either way, I think it’s pretty safe to say that nowadays a girl suffers from many of the qualities of a leper unless she emits the indubitable energy of having been many-a-time around the proverbial block.


Mary was cool, and she was a virgin.

She’s worshipped.

Everyone loves Mary.


Britney was cool until she lost her v-card to JT, and I think it’s pretty safe to say it was all downhill from there.


Yet so many of my girlfriends rushed to hand over their flower to guys they didn’t even LIKE, never mind love.


On the same note, when did “your first time” stop being something special, and start being something to just get over with?

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