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I’d Like to Walk a Miley in Her Shoes


by Cross Woodfield


Ok I am of two minds.


Everyone is going NUTS over the February 2008 Vanity Fair shoot with Papa and Baby Montana and her bare back in a blanket.


At first I thought, everyone is totally overreacting.  She could be wearing a blanket-like dress for all they know!


And then, I turned.  She could be wearing a blanket-like dress, but she’s not.  And she’s fifteen for goodness’ sake.  I mean, she’s really a kid and I think it’s weird that she’s being sexualized by a bunch of cultured intellectual types.


Why?  Why does our society feel the need to sexualize everything in order to sell it?


Are we so under-sexed that sex is the only thing that arouses us enough into buying a product?


There was no other way they could have gone with the Miley shoot?

They couldn’t have waited til she was seventeen or eighteen or twenty-five?


On second thought, I suppose I am really of one mind.


I love Vanity Fair, but that picture is just plain creepy.


What do you think?

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