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UTI’s From Brazilian Waxing?

I found some information on UTI’s from brazilian waxing and it made my skin crawl.  I have heard of people getting folliculitis from having their legs waxed at salon because they are re-using the same wax the rest of the town used, but never thought about it from a brazilian!  Maybe that is such a touchy subject no one wants to come forward. 

iVillage has an informative article on Beauty Gone Bad, plus some tips on Averting Wax Attacks.  Have you had a bad experience or heard someone else’s horror story before?  Do Share, we would love to learn what to look out for from your point of view.  As always, wax safe.

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Dispelling the Myths for UTI Cures


Mr. Gregson, Director, Emerging Media at Lippe Taylor wanted to share with us some surprising research their client, AZO discovered about UTIs. There are so many published myths about how to cure a UTI, from drinking beer to bathing in baking soda and water. They were shocked! They have created a simple, 1 question poll for us to share with YOU our readers as they are interested to learn more about the ways in which people have tried to cure a UTI.

Want more information?  There are other quizzes you can take and coupons to boot at!


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