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by Cross Woodfield


Adam Brody caught me on the brink my ascent toward womanhood.  I was twelve, and Gilmore Girls was my religion.  He played Dave, the band-geek-come-rocker boyfriend of Lane, Rory’s cool Asian best friend.  It was love at first site.  I watched him every Tuesday and tried to look him up but, alas, with no other credits and a re-occuring role on an increasingly less popular TV show, he didn’t even have a website.  Eventually he scored the The O.C. as well as the feature film In the Land of Women, and I remained devoted to him, undoubtedly his number one fan.


I seriously considered writing him a letter asking him to be my prom date.


Eventually I moved onto Gael Garcia Bernal, Heath Ledger (may he rest in peace), and all the guys that Nylon Magazine would shoot for their street style sections.


And now I’ve started to wonder…I am a full-fledged, Sweet-Spot-loving woman, and maybe I should stop falling for fictional characters and celebrities I’ve never met.


What do you think?  Is crushing on celebrities only appropriate for adolescents, or is it a healthy life-long hobby for girls who need to spice up their daydreams?

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