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Join The SweetSpot Posse!




Have we got a proposition for you! We’re looking for a few fabulous ladies (500 to be exact) to join our Facebook Group, comment on your favorite SweetSpot Labs® products, and invite your friends to join too. Be one of the first 500 ladies to participate and you’ll get one of your favorite washes, wipes, or mists for FREE.


Here’s what to do:

  1. Join our Facebook Group
  2. Proclaim your passion for SweetSpot products
  3. Invite your friends to join the intimate grooming revolution
  4. Send us an email to:
  5. Include your mailing address (U.S. and Canada only please)
  6. Include your product choice (i.e. Balancing Mist in Basil Grapefruit)


The time has come for us to sweeten the world – from the most sacred spot on earth. Rally your troops and let’s get this party started!


Keep it sweet!



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Redbook Magazine page 164


Yep, that’s us, right next to the massage oil and feathers.  Touted as a way to freshen up after an all night affair, we are NO.1 on the list of What to Wear and Bare in the Bedroom this Valentines.

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Did you get what you wanted for Christmas?


If you didn’t get what you wanted for Christmas, Valentines Day is right around the corner!  Better yet why not buy yourself that special something gift set you’ve had your eye on.  Bliss has a new set called Bikini Perfect Deluxe – Spa Edition, which contains everything you need to be swimsuit ready, minus the suit of course.  Or jump on over to SweetSpot Labs website for a look at their fabulousness terry bag set for one last step in your beauty ritual that is sure to keep your sweet spot set.  Either is sure to make your Valentines that much better!

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That’s the Life


by Tami Chase

When money is a little tight what do you cut back on? There are some things I just can’t do without, SweetSpot Labs® gentle wash is one of those things.  Then there are the things that are nice to have, but sort of luxury like my newly found obsession for Lollia Life products.  Now I must admit, I haven’t tried them, but I am in love with their line.  With names like Breathe and Inspire and delicate floral wrapped packaging, I’m sold!  Of course buying the products will have to wait until money’s not so tight, but santa if your listening…I’ve been good.

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Potpourri for your Loo



Who’d of thought to spray something in the bathroom before you use it!?  Well, Sergio Batiz, a surgical assistant by trade, with his sister-in-law Suzy Batiz did.  Poo-Pourri (not kidding that is the actually name) is made with a secret blend of all-natural essential oils, just a few sprays in the bowl before using the toilet virtually eliminates odors. 

Now I must say I have not tried it yet, however, I was recently given a sample and will have to give it a whirl.  I have heard from other people that it really works, so I bet it probably does!  I am not big on leaving that kind of thing out, but the little portable bottles I saw were really cute.

I’ve actually used the SweetSpot Labs balancing mist for the air and I think it works great.  It leaves the room smelling fresh without covering anything up.  Of course, that is not what it is for, but hey if I can get more than one use out of it the better.

We’ve got your front, they’ve got your back.

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