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The showgirl’s Guide to Maximizing Income


Yep, it’s true, a recent University of New Mexico study found that STRIPPERS WHO ARE OVULATING — and therefore most fertile — made an average of $30/per hour more than menstruating women, and $15 per hour more than women elsewhere in their cycles.  Now who’d of thought to run that study, hmmm?  Sure HIS parents are proud. 

In all seriousness, lets put this study to good use.  Maybe during this time of the month is when you should try asking for a raise, hint to your husband that you would like a diamond necklace or try and talk your way out of a speeding ticket?

For more information check out the study in Psychology Today where their slogan is “Here to Help.”

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I’d Like to Walk a Miley in Her Shoes


by Cross Woodfield


Ok I am of two minds.


Everyone is going NUTS over the February 2008 Vanity Fair shoot with Papa and Baby Montana and her bare back in a blanket.


At first I thought, everyone is totally overreacting.  She could be wearing a blanket-like dress for all they know!


And then, I turned.  She could be wearing a blanket-like dress, but she’s not.  And she’s fifteen for goodness’ sake.  I mean, she’s really a kid and I think it’s weird that she’s being sexualized by a bunch of cultured intellectual types.


Why?  Why does our society feel the need to sexualize everything in order to sell it?


Are we so under-sexed that sex is the only thing that arouses us enough into buying a product?


There was no other way they could have gone with the Miley shoot?

They couldn’t have waited til she was seventeen or eighteen or twenty-five?


On second thought, I suppose I am really of one mind.


I love Vanity Fair, but that picture is just plain creepy.


What do you think?

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