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Electric Avenue

fifth_avenue_thumb2By Megan Johnson

Everyone knows the four famous females of Candace Bushnell’s notorious Sex and the City. But in her new novel, One Fifth Avenue, Bushnell uses her keen insight into Manhattan’s upper echelon to deconstruct both sexes through the eccentric inhabitants of an infamous Manhattan apartment building. Upon the death of penthouse owner and society doyenne Mrs. Houghton, new society darling Annalise Rice and her success-obsessed husband, Paul, take over the space to the dismay of first floor residents Mindy and James Gooch, who struggle to keep up with the filthy rich.

Acclaimed author Philip Oakland takes in seductive social climber Lola Fabrikant as an assistant, and she quickly becomes his lover in an attempt to ascend New York society. Other residents include bon vivant Billy Litchfield, who realizes that by associating with the rich he is accepted as one of them, and celebrated actress Schiffer Diamond, whose past relationship with Philip is equally as juicy.

Through the struggle to survive in dog-eat-dog Manhattan, Bushnell’s characters must look beyond their seemingly perfect wealth and privilege to recognize their faults. It’s easy to declare the novel as another chick-lit tale of the obscenely wealthy. However, One Fifth Avenue greatly surpasses Bushnell’s previous writings in poignancy and emotional depth. Through the struggles her complex characters face, the reader comprehends that no matter how privileged a life one leads, the hardest person to see in a negative light is often the one staring back at you in the mirror.

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Have you Done your Kegels Today?


Vaginal fitness made it on the list as one of Redbooks top 10 hottest health trends for 2009.  Now who’d a thunk it?  Well apparently it is all the buzz and for those of you who haven’t had kids read up and get prepared! 

According to “Vaginal fitness — including the tightening of the pelvic muscles, as you do with Kegel exercises -— is a new kind of workout goal. Though physical therapists already use Kegels and other therapies to treat pelvic problems such as urinary incontinence, there’s now a center devoted entirely to their teaching: Manhattan’s Phit spa (short for pelvic health integrative techniques) offers Kegel classes, surgery to tighten your vagina post-baby, and more. Lauri Romanzi, M.D., Phit’s founder and a clinical associate professor of gynecology at Weill Cornell Medical College, says keeping the pelvic muscles fit may give you better bladder and bowel control — possibly even a better orgasm.

Can’t get to New York? You can do Kegels on your own, for free: First, squeeze your pelvic floor muscles for five seconds. (To get the move down, try stopping your urine flow when you’re peeing. That’s the feeling you should have.) Then release them. Do this 10 times, then repeat.”

I’ve had friends say they do this while driving, so they next time you see a girl rising up in her seat and sitting back down, now you’ll know her little secret!

The other top 10 hot health trends are:

  1. Wii Fit – My personal favorite, now I have an excuse to play with the kids and not feel like I am wasting my time.
  2. FitFlop – My sister and mom actually got these and love them.  They actually claim to tone your muscles and reduce cellulite with every step.  Hey it’s worth a try, right?
  3. Superfruits – Loaded with antioxidants be sure to throw some exotic fruits on your next bowl of cereal.  Can’t find açai, check out healthy chocolate by Xoçai to load up on those free radical fighting fruits.
  4. Food (out) laws – Over the summer, California also became the first state to ban trans fats in restaurants, following the lead of cities like New York and Philadelphia, which passed similar laws in 2006 and 2007, respectively.  Also required is posting calorie information on menus, however, I think the key is don’t eat it in the first place!
  5. Skip the Salt – and reach for low sodium products.
  6. Google Health, Microsoft’s HealthVault and Revolution Health – The online banking of health.   Look for these to become more popular in 2009, not only to keep track of your records, but to flag drug interactions, and send appointment reminders.
  7. Diets Based on DNA – I have heard of diets by blood type, but this one is all new to me.  Obviously if your parents and grandparents were short and round chances are you will be too, but maybe we can reverse that trend and take our health into our own hands by stopping the diseases we are predisposed to before they happen.
  8. Take a Two-Wheeler – Here at SweetSpot Labs many of our employees are able to bike to work to save not only the environment, but get some excercise and keep some cash in their pocket instead of putting it in their gas tank.
  9. Detoxing – While some detox methods can be down right dangerous, ramp up on fruit, veggies, and whole grains — and forget any plan that tells you to skip solid food, with all its essential fiber, vitamins, and minerals.

Here’s to a healthy you in 2009 from the inside out!

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Redbook Magazine page 164


Yep, that’s us, right next to the massage oil and feathers.  Touted as a way to freshen up after an all night affair, we are NO.1 on the list of What to Wear and Bare in the Bedroom this Valentines.

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Top 10 Reasons Why Trick or Treating is Better Than Sex

10.  You are guaranteed to get at least a little something in the sack.

9.      If you get tired you can wait 10 minutes and do it again.

8.      The uglier you look the easier it is to get some.

7.      You don’t have to compliment the person who gives you some.

6.      Forty years from now you will still enjoy candy.

5.      It’s ok when the person you are with fantasizes you’re someone else, because you are!

4.      If you don’t like what you get you can always go next door.

3.      It doesn’t matter if the kids hear you moaning and groaning.

2.      Less guilt the morning after.

1.      You can do the whole neighborhood!

Happy Halloween!

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I’d Like to Walk a Miley in Her Shoes


by Cross Woodfield


Ok I am of two minds.


Everyone is going NUTS over the February 2008 Vanity Fair shoot with Papa and Baby Montana and her bare back in a blanket.


At first I thought, everyone is totally overreacting.  She could be wearing a blanket-like dress for all they know!


And then, I turned.  She could be wearing a blanket-like dress, but she’s not.  And she’s fifteen for goodness’ sake.  I mean, she’s really a kid and I think it’s weird that she’s being sexualized by a bunch of cultured intellectual types.


Why?  Why does our society feel the need to sexualize everything in order to sell it?


Are we so under-sexed that sex is the only thing that arouses us enough into buying a product?


There was no other way they could have gone with the Miley shoot?

They couldn’t have waited til she was seventeen or eighteen or twenty-five?


On second thought, I suppose I am really of one mind.


I love Vanity Fair, but that picture is just plain creepy.


What do you think?

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