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PoshMom Teams up with Children’s Miracle Network

poshmomballandcomputersmaller is the ultimate source for the new breed of mother-she’s hip, savvy, and sensational. She was fabulous before kids-at work, at home, at a cocktail party-and she still is. A sophisticated parent who is not reading books on child-rearing 101, the posh mom is more interested in info that’s geared for her modern ways (juggling lunch dates and play dates, commuting and carpooling, me-time and mommy-and-me-time). 


At PoshMom they know that and are dedicated to bringing her all she needs to know about fashion, beauty, celeb, and lifestyle for herself and her kids, packaging it in quick bits of info for those who like to keep in the know despite their hectic schedules.


This season is donating 10 cents to the Children’s Miracle Network for every new subscriber to their bi-weekly newsletter for “PoshMom Gives Back”, so sign up now


Do you know someone who should win a mom of the year award?  Sign-up to nominate your favorite Posh Mom to win a weekend in paradise!


Check out their press section to learn more about PoshMom and the women behind it.

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