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Alter Egos


by Cross Woodfield


First off I have this theory that we idolize celebrities that remind us of ourselves…in terms of appearance, overall vibe, etc.


Like one of my freckly, poised, and naturally blonde girlfriends is OBSESSED with Gwyneth Paltrow.  She’s totally a Gwyneth.


And in my mind, on a good day, I’m the crazy lovechild of Natalie Portman and Sarah Jessica Parker.  So I search for pictures of them all day long, buy clothes that remind me of SJP, sweep my hair up like NP (in sparkly rhinestone headbands), you get the idea.  I even try to talk like them sometimes and pick up their expressions.


And you know what, I have no shame.  It’s nice to look at beautiful things after a hard day of work, and I think inspiration and self-improvement are healthy.


But sometimes I can’t help but wonder if we’re draining all our admiring energy on the right idols.


We seem to mimic a lot of celebrities that don’t seem very happy.  So many of our faves, our protagonists, the ones we’re rooting for, go to rehab for depression, exhaustion, drugs.  They struggle with decade-long alcohol and eating problems.  They give birth über-young and spoil their babies rotten.


We want so much to dress, walk, dine, act, be like them—the more public, “perfect” versions of ourselves. 


But why? 

If they’re not happy, what do we think we want that they don’t even seem to enjoy having?

Who exactly persuades us we’ll be happy once we’re more like them and less like ourselves?

And why do we believe it?

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