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The showgirl’s Guide to Maximizing Income


Yep, it’s true, a recent University of New Mexico study found that STRIPPERS WHO ARE OVULATING — and therefore most fertile — made an average of $30/per hour more than menstruating women, and $15 per hour more than women elsewhere in their cycles.  Now who’d of thought to run that study, hmmm?  Sure HIS parents are proud. 

In all seriousness, lets put this study to good use.  Maybe during this time of the month is when you should try asking for a raise, hint to your husband that you would like a diamond necklace or try and talk your way out of a speeding ticket?

For more information check out the study in Psychology Today where their slogan is “Here to Help.”


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Menstruation Could Be Worse?


by Tami Chase

Here in America we tend to complain a lot when it comes to our period. We can learn a lot from other cultures that have a much different way of dealing with “that time of the month”.  In Nepal the girls are ostracized during that time (known as the chhaupadi), considered unpure and sent to a separate room away from the view of a male for up to 7 days.  Now here in America that sounds like a great thing and might solve a lot of problems in a household, but this is a very serious matter.  Most of the time the girls and women are forced into cowsheds that can be almost a mile away from the village.  The poorer ones use extremely dilapidated and unhygienic outhouses made from mud, stone, and wood with no windows.  Having been to Nepal myself I can attest to these types of structures.  (Go to for more information).

 Fortunately for them these days, many women groups and NGO’s are taking the cause of opposing the chhaupadi system, which is a good thing which makes us optimistic about the elimination of the superstitious, discriminatory and inhuman tradition in the coming days.  And fortunately for us we have bidet-in-a-bottle by SweetSpot Labs, see menstruation could be worse.

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Move Over Pads here come Muffies!


Just when you thought everything had been made that could be sewn, Muffies come along.  Pre-washed and pre-shrunk these reusable(?) pads will make you feel like you are wearing cloth diapers again.  Now I mean no disrespect but I am just not the cloth diaper kind of a person, although, I was raised on them.  However, I would be willing to try out this hand crafted marvel.  Problem is, they don’t give you any cleaning tips!?  Gonna say you may want to keep a bottle of hydrogen peroxide handy, also black might be a good color to make.  Another idea is building it in to a pair of underwear, because I can’t imagine the snap in jeans.  I am going to give her 2 thumbs up for her ingenuity and helping the planet, because disposing of the disposables is never a pretty thing.

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“That Time of Month”


So I was thinking, we have euphemism’s for your sweet spot, but what do you say when you talk about “that time of month”?  I am so generic when it comes to talking about these subjects, maybe it has to do with my southern roots, but I know the rest of you would love to share.  So send us your comments. 

We’ve all heard of Aunt Flo and my monthly visitor, but we want more!  Give us a laugh, we could use it.

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Your Daughter and Womanhood

It’s the end of the school year and some middle school aged girls are celebrating graduation and others the beginning stages of becoming a woman.  For many cultures all around the world, a woman’s first menstruation, called menarche, is considered a rite of passage. Congratulations, you are a woman, and as a woman, you are beautiful, proud and powerful. This event marks a true transformation, for along with womanhood comes a host of responsibilities and concerns relating to sexual and reproductive wellbeing. More importantly, it marks the development of a woman’s most precious gift to the world: fertility and motherhood.

If you are having a hard time talking to your daughter about this delicate subject, why not start her off right with bidet-in-a-bottle and a hormone harmony SweetSuite? This 3-step, pH balanced glorifying routine-gentle wash, Spot Fresh!; balancing mist, Spot Right!, on-the-go wipettes, Spot Refresh!-is formulated to help her get back in sync with her body’s natural rhythm. Now she can power through her period. And get that instant sweetification!  Don’t you wish that was around when you were her age?

Please visit our knowledge base for more information on The Menstrual Cycle.

(I just learned that the symbol often used to represent the female is a hand mirror and comb of the Roman goddess Venus, now that’s a cool fact!)

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That Time of the Month…or is it?

Do any of you keep a cycle diary?  No, I don’t mean the one that tells you how often you road your bike, I mean THAT cycle, your friendly monthy visitor.  This is sort of embarrassing, but I use to write it on my check book calendar.  I have even planned vacations around it, now that is some dedication.  My travel agent seemed to think it was a great idea and it was!  Who wants to be going to Hawaii with 4 bikini’s and a box of tampons?  Not my idea of a vacation. 


Well, I must admit after having children, I kind of don’t pay attention anymore.  I really only kept track for that reason, but after my son questioning my crying in Speed Racer I am starting to think I need to keep track again.  Fortunately for us girls SweetSpot Labs® just launched their new widget called cycle diary, Spot Clock! that I can load on to my desktop and have reminders sent discreetly through email or sms.  How will you keep track?  I have already filled mine in, now I’m off to go plan another vacation!

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