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Some Celebrities Push the Envelope

by Tami Chase

While getting my pedicure the other day I was catching up on my InTouch Weekly reading.  I like to see the “normal” side of celebrities, messy hair, unmatched clothes and child rearing woes, it helps my self image, lol.  And this weeks September 15th edition didn’t let me down.  From “I gained 55 pounds with my second child”, been there done that, to Tony Romo’s modest, but not over the top house in Texas (you can barely get a house in California for $700,000), I was starting to feel better already.  What is wrong with being normal anyway?  Celebrities always want to blend in, have a regular life and be able to go to Disneyland, but apparently not Madonna.  I think she may have gone too far this time leaving us wondering if she is germaphobic with the likes of Howie Mandel.  Maybe she does this to get attention and set herself appart from other celebrity types.  Don’t get me wrong, I don’t like germs either, but when I clean the toilet I don’t unbolt it from the floor and stick it in the front yard to spray it off.  On her recent trip to Nice, France, kicking off her Sticky & Sweet Tour, according to InTouch, she had the “commodes, showers and sinks removed, scrubbed down and then reinstalled.”  My question is, her toilets are clean now, but how clean is she?  Maybe we should send her some SweetSpot Labs® wipettes, then she will have to rename her tour the Sweet Tour.

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