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Ellen and Portia Sitting in a Tree…

by Cross Woodfield


You’ve seen So You Think You Can Dance, when you vote and pick America’s “favorite” dancer (think American Idol)…well I think we’ve all unofficially voted and officially picked America’s favorite lesbians.


Maybe it’s because they’re funny, smart, gorgeous, successful, feminist, down-to-earth, and altogether perfect…but everyone I’ve talked to seems to be very comfortable about Ellen DeGeneres and Portia De Rossi falling in love and getting married.


They transcend the seemingly ubiquitous twitch in everyman’s eye when the discussion of a gay relationship finds its way into any given conversation.  It’s almost as if (at least in über-liberal Los Angeles) no one feels the right to deny two people who are so seemingly, obviously, honestly in love.


It doesn’t seem they’ve got anything to prove.  It’s not like they had devoted their entire lives lobbying for gay marriage.  It’s just that they, like many others, are riding the third wave of feminism and living each juicy moment joyously.


At least, that’s what I can see from the paparazzi photos on which I base this essay.


What do you think?  Why is America fixated on DeGenerossi…De Rosserous?

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