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Bridal Beauty Survival Kit

Need to get something for the bride that is already getting everything?  Bet she doesn’t have one of these!


These bridal emergency kits are must haves for the new bride.  They range in price from $24 to $69.99, but our favorite is the pink bag from Minimus for $45.16.  This bag doubles as a beach tote or future diaper bag.  Ok, so maybe I am moving a little fast, but this well packed bag comes with 39 products giving you more bang for your buck.  Another reason why it is our favorite, not only have they thought of the obvious, but a SweetSpot Labs® wipette is tucked inside.  With everyone focused on the ceremony someone has to think about after 🙂


I’ve actually been the cause of a weeding mishap, so next time I think I will bring one of these along…wonder if there is anything in there to get wine out of a wedding dress?

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