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Ever wonder where the stars go for their do’s?

Well, they go to the new “Hippest Salon in Beverly Hills” of course, Byron and Tracey at 9294 Civic Center Drive.  With a celebrity list of clients longer than your arm I am pretty sure the little people are going to have a hard time getting an appointment.  Wonder if there will be an underground secret entrance so the paparazzi are left empty handed??  With color that starts at $125+, I think I just might hold off on making my appointment, but here’s there number if you would like to try (310) 276-4470.  Hours are Tues-Sat. 9am-6pm.

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Skin Inc Declares Personal Care Products Buck Declining Sales Trends


by Tami Chase

We knew it and now the statistics proved it, sales of personal care items are on the rise!  When people are struggling mentally they need a mood booster and personal care products might be just the thing to do it.  Surpassed only by food and beverage according to Skin Inc, beauty industry sales were up by 5.65% compared to the same period in December 2007.

We tend to let ourselves go a little during the winter because so much is covered up, but Spring is just around the corner, so don’t let your lack of daily rituals get too out of control.  Nothing picks me up better than a good mani-pedi…well maybe a good facial 🙂

Enough day dreaming, get out there to your favorite beauty supply, salon or day spa and fill up on a bag full of mood boosters.

And as always, don’t foget to keep your sweet spot set!

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Too Much or Not Enough?

by Tami Chase

My friday question of the week I pose to you is how do you know when you have on enough make-up?  Or maybe a better question is, how do you know when you have on too much?  I guess when you start looking like someone else, it is time to break out the wash cloth and take off a layer or two.

Sometimes when you wake up you have that sort of fresh face look, then you shower and start the “getting ready” process and the end result is worse than when you started!  I don’t know who we are putting make-up on for, the people we see or for people who see us?  I guess it can be so we don’t scare people, but which is scarier, too much or not enough? 

You decide.

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Over It

by Jessica Golden

Do you obsess about your body?  I’ve been working really hard on maintaining a state of acceptance.  I’ve struggled with food, weight, and body preoccupation for years, and frankly, I don’t have it in me anymore.  I’m curious what some of the ways other women have dealt with these issues are.  What has helped you accept your body exactly as it is today, rather than how you’d like it to be next month? 

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