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No Malfunctions for E! Host

by Tami Chase

Apparently E! host Giuliana Rancic read my previous post, there were no wardrobe malfunctions for her.  According to the September 15, 2008 edition of InTouch magazine when asked what her red carpet secret was she said “Tape.”  I think she needs to share some with Golden Brooks, with Hollywood Fashion Tape at $7.50 for 36 double-stick strips with a take-away tin how can you go wrong!

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The Bare Minimum


Have ya’ll heard of Hollywood Fashion Tape?  I’m not from Texas, but “bear with me” here, no pun intended.  Maybe being out here just miles from Hollywood is the reason I know about it (even though they are based out of Minneapolis), or maybe it is because my step-daughter used about a whole package to keep her dress up at prom.  I actually had the privilege of meeting Jane Dailey, who is a co-owner of Hollywood Fashion Tape with Marni Bumstead, at the International Esthetics show this summer in Las Vegas, Nevada.  Of course she picked up some of our SweetSpot Labs® products while she was there and I gave her kudos for helping keeping my daughters dress on at prom, which she was happy to hear. 


You would have to never pick up a magazine (they have been in over 135 over the past 5 years) or ever go to a beauty supply to NOT know about this product.  I am going to venture a guess and say at some point they must have been in celebrity gift bags even.  So my dilemma in this whole story is how can someone in Hollywood, not know about this neat little invention?  It even has Hollywood in the name!  Are clothes merely so celebrity types don’t get tickets for indecent exposure?  Take for instance Golden Brook’s pictured above.  TMZ posted a video the other day where her dress was so breezy she couldn’t tell she really was actually out IN the breeze.  I am going to vote her into the SweetTalk Blog of Fame for the most likely to need fashion tape again.  We wish you well Golden and may all your days not be breezy days!

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