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Men’s Personal Care Anyone?


SweetSpot Labs knows how to take care of a woman’s needs, but what about the men, who is taking care of them?  I am not talking about organic, anti-aging, wrinkle defying, self-tanning skin care products, but real keep me clean all day long products.  Billy Jealousy has a whole line of products for a man, unfotunately, most stop at the neck.  They’ve got pre-shave treatment, hair strengthening shampoo and wipe-out eye cream, but what about the rest of the body?  Molton Brown and Baxter of California both create luxury items for grooming while for a more rough and tumble sort of product Anthony Logistics has you covered, with products like the mud scrub exfoliating bar that I just might have to check into.  But if you are looking for something more rustic and even less expensive try Woody’s Meat and Potatoe Soap, you can pick it up for $6.95 at Brighton Beauty Supply.  Better yet, buy one of each, give it to the man in your life and reclaim your bottle of SweetSpot Labs gentle wash this Super Bowl season.

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