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Are you covering up or uncovering this year for Valentine’s Day?












I tried on swim suits the other day, don’t know who’s dumb idea that was, but what I discovered was that the cover up fit the best.  Guess I will add that to my colorful collection of cover-ups from years past. 



This poses a dilemma this Valentine’s Day, if I don’t think I look good in a swim suit how can I look good in something less?  I think we should just move Valentine’s Day to when it is a little warmer, but since I am sure all of the Saint Valentines wouldn’t like that there must be another solution. 



Here are 3 quick fixes we have found:

  1.  bliss fatgirlslim – a lean, mean skin firming cream that visibly diminishes dimples
    •energizes the skin
    •stimulates skin surface to firm and contour with caffeine
    •visibly reduces the appearance of excess fluid retention in skin layers
  2. Tan Towlettes, Fake Bake or good ‘ole airbrushing, check out your local directory for a spray tanning booth near you.
  3. Warm weather is a more conducive to a little less clothing, if you know what I mean, so crank up the heat until you want to get the ice cubes out!

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A 24k Gold Spray, Swarovski-crystal Bikini Wax? Okay then!


by Charu Suri of the

A bushy Betty is really passé, girls. This Valentine’s Day has got to sizzle. I mean, 28/7. You’ll need a glam updo for dinner, and a sexy down-do for the bedroom. Completely Bare is offering an opulent bikini wax with 24k gold spray and Swarovski crystals to adorn your *ahem* for the big day. Er, night.

The Opulent Bikini Wax is available at all salons (it used to be available only at the flagship store). What will your “down under” receive? A full Completely Bare bikini wax, a 24k gold spray to give your skin extra shimmer and Swarovski crystals applied by hand in the design of your choice. There are also two limited edition designs: a red Swarovski Crystal Heart or your significant other’s initials. Here’s the best (or twisted) part. If you’re single, you can opt for a broken heart or a skull and crossbones. Hey, Jack Sparrow would dig it.

Completely Bare Locations: 103 Fifth Ave, NYC; 764 Madison Ave; NYC, Barney’s New York; 25 Bond Street in NYC and 12 Chase Road, Scarsdale, NY

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Men’s Personal Care Anyone?


SweetSpot Labs knows how to take care of a woman’s needs, but what about the men, who is taking care of them?  I am not talking about organic, anti-aging, wrinkle defying, self-tanning skin care products, but real keep me clean all day long products.  Billy Jealousy has a whole line of products for a man, unfotunately, most stop at the neck.  They’ve got pre-shave treatment, hair strengthening shampoo and wipe-out eye cream, but what about the rest of the body?  Molton Brown and Baxter of California both create luxury items for grooming while for a more rough and tumble sort of product Anthony Logistics has you covered, with products like the mud scrub exfoliating bar that I just might have to check into.  But if you are looking for something more rustic and even less expensive try Woody’s Meat and Potatoe Soap, you can pick it up for $6.95 at Brighton Beauty Supply.  Better yet, buy one of each, give it to the man in your life and reclaim your bottle of SweetSpot Labs gentle wash this Super Bowl season.

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What’s in Your Boudoir?


by Tami Chase

While me may not equate a boudoir with the stylings of the Louis the XVI period pictured above, we do each have our own individual style and products we like to keep stocked in it.  Historically, the boudoir formed part of the private suite of rooms of a lady, for bathing and dressing, adjacent to her bedchamber, being the female equivalent of the male cabinet

For me, no matter how elaborateluxury-bath1 or not, my boudoir must contain some luxurious lotions to keep my skin hydrated like Lollia’s Grenadine and Tonic Shea Butter Handcreme, a plush robe and slippers for me to lounge around in while I get ready, fabulous brushes and mirrors by Ziba Beauty and last but not least my SweetSpot Labs balancing mist in citrus galbanum.

No matter what your taste or style it is sure to make your time more luxurious surrounded by the things you love. 

What’s in your boudoir?

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Jock Soap


Clearly the men of The Jock Soap Company were jealous that women now have a soap alternative to use in the shower for their sweetest spot.  SweetSpot Labs revolutionized the world of intimate grooming by formulating pH balanced products specifically for women, now The Jock Soap Company has done the same for our counterpart.  Meet their soap, So Fresh So Clean Jock Soap, Towel Fight Jock Soap and Score Jock Soap to name a few.  With ground almond meal on one side for exfoliation and sage/rosemary/basil/nutmeg blend for aroma you may want to use it in the kitchen instead!  We should be so happy a man is showing the way with his “Grooming Simplified” mantra, making the world a cleaner place one man at a time.  Thank you Josh Harrell.

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Veet, Veet!

by Charu Suri

Some products look cuter on TV than they do in real life. They make your heart strings go zing during those commercial breaks and make you want to rush out to the store and buy some for your grandma, your pet hamster…even your ex. Until you reach the checkout counter and realize you already have one of these sitting on your dusty shelf and you just spent $8 that you could have otherwise plonked down on 1.33 lattes from Starbucks.

Unfortunately, Veet In-Shower Hair Removal Cream ( is one of them. I was excited to try it as much as I was excited to shove my wedding cake all over my husband’s face; but although this hair remover does give you stubble-free skin for a few days, I felt I was much better off shaving.

The cream contains water-resistant ingredients and the aim is to slather it on those pesky areas where even one-night-stands fear to tread. I applied the lotion and stepped into the shower carefully, as though I were a burglar in my own bathtub. The water dissolved the cream quickly and I was hoping I’d be left with the skin of a Chinese porcelain plate, but it took three tries (and chugging two bottles of white wine) to finally get those pesky, unwelcome hairs off.

The good thing is that the hairs stayed off for a good three days, and the hair that did grow back didn’t do so with the vengeance of King Kong who just saw Naomi Watts disappear around the corner.

So would I buy this product? Hmm…I’m on the fence. If you hate shaving, this might be your Elmer’s Glue fix, but I am a diehard razor gal. Of course, there is nothing more socially embarrassing than showing hair where you shouldn’t (remember Julia Roberts’ horrific armpit fiasco where she looked like she came back from the Grizzly Bear Day Spa?) so there’s no harm in packing a few tubes of these if sharp objects make you faint.

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