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“Down There” Waxing How to


Finally, Completely Bare has come up with not only their own waxing products, but their own do it yourself step-by-step instructional video.  Now for those of you that are the hands on type this will be helpful, but for those of you that can’t even do a yoga pose, you may want to just spend a little extra money and have a professional do it right.

Try it out and let us know what you think!


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“That Time of Month”


So I was thinking, we have euphemism’s for your sweet spot, but what do you say when you talk about “that time of month”?  I am so generic when it comes to talking about these subjects, maybe it has to do with my southern roots, but I know the rest of you would love to share.  So send us your comments. 

We’ve all heard of Aunt Flo and my monthly visitor, but we want more!  Give us a laugh, we could use it.

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Architecture and the Body

By Charu Suri


Americans love a lean and mean piece of architecture. Whether it’s a transparent chair or an intricate bowl or coffee table, chances are that your wandering eye is caught by all sorts of frivolous innovation.


Tale Philippe Starck’s designs, for example. From Crustacean shaped Citrus juicers to garish “gun” lamps, Starck’s designs decorate many famous hotels and buildings. In France, he is something of an icon.


Cosmetics companies are also capitalizing on people’s attraction to beautiful design. Let’s face it, there’s nothing more beautiful to behold than elegant packaging. Think Lancome’s “Maharani Jewels” collection or Thierry Mugler’s “Angel” perfume. The shape and size of packaging and design speaks of integrity.


Any doubts about integrity of design, check your *down there,* which has all the architectural intricacies of a Roman temple.


But people actually want to mess with it! Did you know that millions are getting laser vaginal surgery that makes the vagina tighter?


Yes, the laser enhances the vagina’s muscle tone, strength and control, which increases the friction during love making.


It sounds like a lifetime supply of Viagra for women, but we’re not sure if messing around with the sweet spot is the smartest thing to do.


A nautilus or beach shell is a naturally occurring, beautiful piece of architecture.


If it ain’t broke, why fix it?

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Do You Have a Wallet Shrink?

By Charu Suri


Okay, now this is not a trick question. Do you have insight into your “wallet” personality? Please, don’t consult your therapist who we know is dangling at the end of your speed dial.


Apparently people not only have a physical self and an emotional self, but also a “money” self. This “financial” self or personality surfaces each time you reach into your pocketbook to buy a new bag, a dress or a makeover.


Here is a list of the top “shopping personalities.” See if you can spot your “money” personality:


  1. The Impulsive Purchaser: Impulsive buyers are typically attracted to several things at once, especially if the items catch their eye (translation: Want that Chanel bag now!)
  2. The Fanatical Shopper: You check each bargain bin the mall and are a sucker for sales.  (Wait, Marc Jacobs Bags at 40% off?!!).
  3. The Passive Buyer: This personality never asks questions and literally hates shopping (Chances are this person doesn’t even exist. I think they had to make up this personality).
  4. The Avoidance Shopper: This shopper goes to the mall to avoid the reality of life. He or she uses shopping as an anti-stress device. (Hello? We’re in a recession? Isn’t everyone shopping to avoid coming to terms with this?).
  5. The Esteemed Buyer or the Label Conscious: you love designer goods and anything luxe with a label. (e.g. all of Hollywood…)
  6. The Overdone buyer: This personality overdoes everything, even shopping. If you’re buying something, then you buy two of it. (Yes, you need backups. Even of that limited edition Laboutin boot).


But spending money on dressing up your sweet spot is recession-proof, people. We don’t care if the Dow Jones Industrial Average comes tumbling down as long as your *down there* is taken care of.


“Smart Buyer”? Definitely.

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