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PERSONal Style

by Cross Woodfield


You know those lazy daisy days of summer, filled to the brim with Gilmore Girls, nectarines, and the endless search for new fashion inspiration?


Well Scott Schuman’s cup doth overfloweth.  The pictures I most adore on his beloved blog, “The Sartorialist” (, are the ones that seem the most un-fashiony.  They’re the ones that many would look at and say, “That’s fashion?” the same way many would look at a Jackson Pollock and say, “That’s art?”


Well, that got me thinking.  Does personal style mean you always think about what you wear, or does it mean you always look good despite whether you think about it or not.  I think true personal style embodies the latter, and I think the two women above are golden proof:  I’ve a crazy feeling that if you told them they looked wonderful, they’d look at you like you were totally nuts.  They’d tell you you caught them on an awful day, on the way to the supermarket, on the morning after a long night…which makes me think that personal style is not something that can be bought and it is definitely not something that can be put on pause.


It is some people’s natural expressions of their entire lives, of their doings and seeings and beings.  I feel like I know these two very different women because what they wear is emotive.  And whether or not they know it, they are revealing a lot about themselves.


That’s PERSONAL style.


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Everyone is Talking Sweet

by Tami Chase

I would like to think we here at SweetSpot Labs® started the whole “sweet” revolution, with SweetTalk and SweetSuites and our SweetShops seen across the country, maybe I am just more in tune with it now.  Yesterday it was Madonna and her Sticky & Sweet Tour and now I am reading about Jennifer Lopez aka J.Lo and her clothing lines Sweetface and Just Sweet.  She must have a real aversion to other people’s designs, because she also just landed a 3 year contract with Yamamay called “JLO for Yamamay” covering the lingerie and swimwear end.  Now this stuff I like, but must everything have the big JLO initials on it?

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Going Commando?


So…I admit it…I’m obsessed with my sweet spot.  And we girls know that sweet thing needs respect and care.  Well… I just discovered the best thing ever…forget sliced bread…I just discovered a product called Commandos that…you’ve got it…make it easy to “go commando.”  So what is it you ask?  They’re cotton patches that you put into your jeans and all your other pants too…uh huh…and they make you feel cool and sexy all day.  Buh bye underwear.  I’m even saving money! 

One cautioinary note…It might be hard to get the smile off your face, but it’s worth it. and only you know what’s making you so happy.  Unless you decide to spread the word.  So I’ll share…you can find them at and see what I’m talking about.  You can thank me later.


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