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Breast Cancer Awareness Pumpkins?

by Tami Chase

My kids know I always like to do something unique on my pumpkins I carve.  One year I printed out “Chase Family” in cool letters and carved that, it turned out really cute.  So this year I was thinking how cute it would be with a breast cancer awareness ribbon carved out.  Well it is cute and someone already beat me to the punch!  (Like I should have thought no one else could have come up with that, see link above.) 

So I am inspiring you to think outside of the box this year and do something creative and no I don’t mean carve a McCain or Obama likeness, but be inpsirational, make a “cause” pumpkin. 

FACT:  Did you know that pumpkins are chock full of cancer fighting goodness?  According to everyone’s favorite Halloween gourd is loaded with cancer risk-reducing beta carotene.

Make Halloween healthy and fun this year!


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