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Skin Inc Declares Personal Care Products Buck Declining Sales Trends


by Tami Chase

We knew it and now the statistics proved it, sales of personal care items are on the rise!  When people are struggling mentally they need a mood booster and personal care products might be just the thing to do it.  Surpassed only by food and beverage according to Skin Inc, beauty industry sales were up by 5.65% compared to the same period in December 2007.

We tend to let ourselves go a little during the winter because so much is covered up, but Spring is just around the corner, so don’t let your lack of daily rituals get too out of control.  Nothing picks me up better than a good mani-pedi…well maybe a good facial 🙂

Enough day dreaming, get out there to your favorite beauty supply, salon or day spa and fill up on a bag full of mood boosters.

And as always, don’t foget to keep your sweet spot set!


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The Art of Threading®


by Tami Chase

I like to think that I am not vain, well I’m really not, but I do want to take care of myself as to not offend my spouse.  I think that has to be one of my main motivations for enduring some somewhat painful procedures, even if he doesn’t think I need them.

I’ve been waxed, lasered, chemical peeled, microdermabrasioned and my new favorite threaded and that is just on my face!  Well, I don’t know why it is my favorite because just getting the eyebrows done can be somewhat pain threshold challenging.  Nonetheless I’ve done it a couple of times at my favorite beauty salon, Ziba Beauty.  If you live in Southern California you’ve gotta to check them out, did I mention they carry SweetSpot Labs® products?

This last time I stepped it up a notch and thought, “hey I’ve done the eyebrows, why not try out the lip”.  Well I can give you several good reasons why not too, but the few minutes of pain are worth the results, beautiful eyebrows without the bumps.

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Proud to Be Pink

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Proud to be pink
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Over It

by Jessica Golden

Do you obsess about your body?  I’ve been working really hard on maintaining a state of acceptance.  I’ve struggled with food, weight, and body preoccupation for years, and frankly, I don’t have it in me anymore.  I’m curious what some of the ways other women have dealt with these issues are.  What has helped you accept your body exactly as it is today, rather than how you’d like it to be next month? 

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Breast Cancer and Beauty Giveaways


by Charu Suri


That pink ribbon. Yes, it’s so ubiquitous…we all know what it stands for. But as October comes around, you may well want to consider how to support the cause that’s near and dear to women, especially when you consider that every three seconds a woman is diagnosed with breast cancer.


The beauty world is showing dramatic support now more than ever for Breast Cancer. Some of the finds we unearthed on the internet include:


Clinique’s Limited Edition Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion: The best selling moisturizer comes adorned with a metal keychain festooned with a pink ribbon. $10 from each bottle’s sales goes to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.



Care Bear: Which kid wouldn’t love this plush toy with a pink ribbon studded on its belly? The Power Pink bear also includes a bracelet that shows you care. $1 from each bear goes to breast cancer research.


Rhinestone Flip Flop: 100% of the net proceeds of this sparkling Avon flip flop pair will go to breast cancer research.


There are a lot of great beauty giveaways on the net, too! The Total Beauty blog community is hosting a month-long initiative that integrates breast cancer awareness, fundraising to benefit the Breast Cancer Research Fund (BCRF) and beauty giveaways to engage women in the quest for the cure.


Giveaway sponsors include Anastasia Beverly Hills, Benefit, Cargo, Clarisonic, Jurlique, L’Oreal Paris, NARS, Stila and Tarte. This unique collaboration of beauty bloggers, beauty brands and Total Beauty is one to show a united voice of strength and hope that, someday soon, we will close in on a cure to breast cancer.


For the full list of giveaways (each day has a $250 prize), visit the site.

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UTI’s From Brazilian Waxing?

I found some information on UTI’s from brazilian waxing and it made my skin crawl.  I have heard of people getting folliculitis from having their legs waxed at salon because they are re-using the same wax the rest of the town used, but never thought about it from a brazilian!  Maybe that is such a touchy subject no one wants to come forward. 

iVillage has an informative article on Beauty Gone Bad, plus some tips on Averting Wax Attacks.  Have you had a bad experience or heard someone else’s horror story before?  Do Share, we would love to learn what to look out for from your point of view.  As always, wax safe.

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Beauty Booty for the Frequent Flyer

By Charu Suri


Summer travel can be as thrilling as a trip to Six Flags: until you discover you have to stand in line to get your tickets.


With the increased surcharge in checking in baggage along with the other FAA regulations, it’s becoming a real hassle to pack everything in a carryon. The trick is to get to your destination while packing light, which is a tactic that applies especially to your cosmetics.


You’ll be wise to pack multitasking beauty products that meet the three-ounce requirements. These products need to be in a zip-lock bag (note: Chicago airport security is most stringent of all the above cities’ airports, so don’t take any chances).


Here are a few multitasking products that will help your carryon:


1.     Avon Keep It Quick 3-in-1 Cleanser, Toner, Moisturizer:

Yes, it does all the above. If you’re going to bring one tube on board, bring this.

2.      Bare Escentuals Renew & Reveal Mineral Powder Cleanser:

A powder mineral cleanser that has va-va-voom when you add water.

3.      Missoni ‘Margherita Must Have’ Solid Perfume on a Chain:

You can wear this stylish necklace that features several unique charms, along with a big bauble filled with solid Missoni perfume.

4.      Bumble & Bumble Hair Powder Dry Shampoo:

Powder shampoo that texturizes and brushes out hair. You can even change your hair color or camouflage your roots.

5.      SweetSpot Labs® Instant Sweetification To Go:

Three on-the-go wipettes in a purse-size “matchbook” make traveling so much sweeter.


There are products that are cropping up nearly every day for the well-heeled traveler, and as flying rules become more stringent, remember to stock up when you find a good travel product.


Now you can beat the TSA’s keen scrutiny and still look and feel beautiful. Who says you can’t have the cake and eat it too?

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