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Jewelry to Chew on and More

by Tami Chase

ok, so maybe you don’t gnaw on your necklaces and bracelets, but I bet your babies did!  SmartMom has created a line of jewelry for just that.  Big enough so they don’t choke and non-toxic, phthalate, BPA and PVC free so you don’t have to call poison control.  I’ve been a mom once or twice, so I know we’ve all dangled the keys and let them grab our hair and necklaces, we’ll do anything to keep them happy, but we have to draw the line somewhere.   SmartMom teething bling keychains to the rescue!

Not only are they thinkers at SmartMom, but they are givers as well.  This month order anything from their “Think Pink” line and they will donate 20% to breast cancer research. 

Not only do they donate during the month of October, but they also honor many mothers and children who inspire them daily, by donating a percentage of all retail sales to these worthy organizations:


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