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Healthy Mother/Daughter Conversations Start With…

by Christienne Miller

“Mom! Are you seriously trying to talk to me about…that? I mean, eeeww, gross, I can’t even look at you right now.” The comment burst from my 17-year-old niece’s heavily glossed lips, accompanied by the all-too-familiar dramatic eye roll. “Well, maybe your Aunt Tissy can point out a few things?” My sister quivered with her large blue eyes looking more saucer-like than usual, and her lashes blinking out a frantic S.O.S. in my direction. 


So, I took a moment – and a deep breath – and did my best President Obama (when dealing with a difficult issue) impression. “O.K. Look. You know that your mom and I love you, and we always want what’s best for you right?” That provoked a muffled “yes” and a slight “here we go again” sigh. “Well, personal grooming is extremely important. Especially for young women. With all the products you put in your hair and on your face, what makes you think your most sensitive areas don’t need extra care too?”


I could tell she was considering my comments as I drove home my point, “I wish I had SweetSpot Labs® products like Hormone Harmony when I was your age – even younger. What with all the changes my body went through and how embarrassing and uncomfortable feminine issues can be sometimes.”


“Really?” She asked, trying to gauge my level of authenticity. “Absolutely. I’m ecstatic that I have them now!” This sent her off into giggles. “Oh, Aunt Tissy, you are just so… presh.” At which point I reminded her that my outspoken nature is precisely what she loves about me, and her mom. After a moment, she finally tossed out “So, what was that stuff called again?”


Speaking about it, later with my sister, sparked a whole other conversation. We talked about how we wished our mother had felt more comfortable discussing the importance of healthy personal grooming with us. I reflected that I had, pretty much, learned about changes in my body from her (my sister), who in turn had picked things up from magazine articles, but most of the time just had to “wing it” – which usually led to discomfort (a.k.a. spraying perfume in our underwear – really bad idea). If only we had access to SweetSpot Labs® products then, we mused.


Thank goodness we’ve got them now – as do all the other mothers and daughters and sisters out there too. It makes it much easier to start your own healthy and necessary conversations, with all the girls and women you know. Pass the word to a friend today!




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Solid Fragrance a Must for Flight


by Tami Chase

I was just thinking what a great idea solid fragrance would be for air travel.  Clearly I did not come up with this clever idea, but sometimes neccessity is the mother of invenvtion even when it comes to packing for a flight!  There have always been travel sizes or containers to transfer your large and expensive designer shampoo that you would be lost without if confiscated, but non-liquid fragrance is a new must have for getting through those airport screeners.

There are several options when it comes to personal fragrance, nearly every major parfumerie has them.  Coach, known for it’s handbags, even came out with a solid version of there perfume that fits on your key ring, now that is handy, but no longer available.  However, if european elegance is what you are looking for than you would love  TOCCA, which combines the best of the romantic and exotic in 3 sophisticated but feminine scents, $30 each.  But don’t travel without SweetSpot Labs version of a perfume for your sweetest spot.  Called the eau de spot, Spot Delight! these 24 essential oil infused diskettes will keep you smelling fresh, with lasting aromas that complement you—for compliments later. One soft disk keeps you fresher than a daisy. Gentle, pH-balanced, and alcohol free. One dot sweetens the spot!

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Monthly Visitor


Did you know there is a site for all things related to your monthly visitor?  It is called  This is a great resource for all those daughters out there beginning womenhood and of course they carry our line of SweetSpot Labs products as well.  Not only is it a one stop shop, they have a very informative section on menstration and the menstrual cycle.  How cool is that, just sit your daughter down and let her read.  Much better than how I learned, which was by reading the tampon box!  Once she starts then have her sign up for our cycle diary, Spot Clock! and she will be all set.

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What does make sex better?

By Brooke Kelley


When Billy Joel said, “There’s nothing better than good sex. But a peanut butter and jelly sandwich is better than bad sex,” it got us to thinking. What does make sex better? For the answer, we looked to the stars, and this is what they had to say.

Rule #1: Be with Someone You’re Attracted to

Everyone’s friend, Courteney Cox said, “I have to be physically attracted to someone. But I can’t just be with someone just because it’s great sex, because orgasms don’t last long enough.”
Rule #2: Follow the Directions
Remember Candice Bergen from Murphy Brown? She’s got some interesting sex health advice for us all on the logistics of the big O. “I may not be a great actress, but I’ve become the greatest at screen orgasms. Ten seconds of heavy breathing, roll your head from side to side, simulate a slight asthma attack and die a little.”

Rule #3: Be Creative
Before she passed, Anna Nicole Smith told FHM, “A ghost would crawl up my leg and have sex with me at an apartment a long time ago in Texas. I used to think it was my boyfriend, then one day I woke up and found it wasn’t.” She continued the relationship with her new pet once she realized the ghost was harmless and–good in bed.


When asked her general sex advice, Zsa Zsa Gabor summed it up quite nicely. “Personally I know nothing about sex because I’ve always been married.”



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The Nose Knows

By Charu Suri


It’s interesting to note how finicky people can be when it comes to the art of perfume. Apparently Chinese women love harmonious perfumes that are smoothly blended. Flower-petal scents please them enormously, and brands like Chanel are a key influence on their purchases.


Chinese men, on the other hand, love fruity and airy scents like apple. Indian men like rich aromas like sandalwood, and touches of musk. The list of innate preferences can go on as endlessly as the string of All My Children episodes, but the key point to note is how particular people are about their sense of smell.


Perfumers go to very detailed and specific lengths to blend ingredients, and some can be very pricey. The highly-prized Bulgarian rose, for example, sells for around $9,000 for 2.2 pounds! This is why completely organic and natural perfumes cost a fortune.


It’s especially not cool to use any old scent on your skin, especially *down there.* Sweetspot Labs, for example, uses for purpose ingredients for your sweet spot, like Galbanum, which has been used as an aphrodisiac for centuries. You’re advised to spray a balancing mist like Geranium Lavender or Basil Grapefruit *down there* in lieu of ordinary perfume. Trust me, the scents will create a great memory for your lover!


There’s little doubt now that the power of smell is linked to memory. If Pig Pen walked into the room — believe me, you would remember him not so much by his unkempt appearance but by his signature smell.


Smells can exude more powerful memories than visual or voice recognition. Perhaps parents should spritz those lego blocks with Chanel No. 5 so their kids can remember them? Or coat those scrabble puzzle pieces in Estee Lauder’s Beautiful?


We venture a hunch that Coco Chanel was more prescient than we give her credit for when she said, “A woman who wears no perfume has no future.”


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Sock Monkey

by Cross Woodfield


Drumroll please…


With a humble nod to our ever-popular VAJAYJAY LIST, I now commence a slightly more graphic yet equally eclectic list.


I was shopping for sock monkeys the other day with a girlfriend and her baby sister, and the two of us had an AH-HA moment:  the mouth of a sock monkey totally looks like a vaj.  Sort of cock your head sideways.)


You know when you see something and you just think, “Am I just really screwed up or does that can opener totally look like a vagina??”


That, my friend, is the theme of this list:  VAJAYJAYS-IN-DISGUISE, a list of IMAGES associated with and symbolic of the sweet spot. 


But what is a list with only one item?


SHARE WITH US those images that haunt you with their striking resemblance to vaginas.


You’ll feel better.


I promise.



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The World of SweetSpot Labs®

by Cross Woodfield




In case you’ve been vinyasa-flowing your days away at yoga or lounging Gatsby-style in St. Tropez, I thought I’d do the honors of updating you on what’s been going on in the world.


Or at least what’s been going on over here at SweetSpot Labs®.


(Drumroll please)


a.       We have a delightful facebook group (if I do say so myself) so check it out POR FAVOR


b.      Fellow fans of the product have paired rave reviews with wise words on Meg’s beauty blog


c.       BellaSugar, the A-list blogger, spread the sweet talk (Fellow fans of the product have paired rave reviews with wise words on Meg’s beauty blog


d.      And last but not least, my new friend Karen has buzzed about…about us!  Please please fill out her survey and make us proud!!


It’s summer and SWEET IS THE WORD.


Sing, dance, travel, and SPOT.

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