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Join The SweetSpot Posse!




Have we got a proposition for you! We’re looking for a few fabulous ladies (500 to be exact) to join our Facebook Group, comment on your favorite SweetSpot Labs® products, and invite your friends to join too. Be one of the first 500 ladies to participate and you’ll get one of your favorite washes, wipes, or mists for FREE.


Here’s what to do:

  1. Join our Facebook Group
  2. Proclaim your passion for SweetSpot products
  3. Invite your friends to join the intimate grooming revolution
  4. Send us an email to:
  5. Include your mailing address (U.S. and Canada only please)
  6. Include your product choice (i.e. Balancing Mist in Basil Grapefruit)


The time has come for us to sweeten the world – from the most sacred spot on earth. Rally your troops and let’s get this party started!


Keep it sweet!




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Donna Talarico Says “SweetSpot Takes Feminine Hygiene to New Levels”








Love it when people find our products and have that a-ha moment, and you see they totally get it!  Then I think they must take another second and wonder what they have been using all of their life.  Donna definitely did her research and she lays it out line by line in a 3 page wonderfully written article titled “Feel Refreshed, Not Embarrassed: If you Are Washing Yourself ‘Down There’ with Soap, You Must Read This“.

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The HotSpot On…SweetSpot Labs





Check out another addition of The HotSpot On ( where they promoted SweetSpot Labs on  Spread the word, SweetSpot is hot!

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Meg’s Make-up Gives Us 11 Thumbs Up


by Tami Chase

Touted “a must buy” by sharond a 52 year old female product reviewer, I would say we have done good.  Age 22 or 60 with everything in between, Meg’s Make-up reviewers gave us a shot and all 11 recommended us 100%.  Now how is that for feedback?!  Don’t you think it is time you try?


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Redbook Magazine page 164


Yep, that’s us, right next to the massage oil and feathers.  Touted as a way to freshen up after an all night affair, we are NO.1 on the list of What to Wear and Bare in the Bedroom this Valentines.

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What’s in Your Boudoir?


by Tami Chase

While me may not equate a boudoir with the stylings of the Louis the XVI period pictured above, we do each have our own individual style and products we like to keep stocked in it.  Historically, the boudoir formed part of the private suite of rooms of a lady, for bathing and dressing, adjacent to her bedchamber, being the female equivalent of the male cabinet

For me, no matter how elaborateluxury-bath1 or not, my boudoir must contain some luxurious lotions to keep my skin hydrated like Lollia’s Grenadine and Tonic Shea Butter Handcreme, a plush robe and slippers for me to lounge around in while I get ready, fabulous brushes and mirrors by Ziba Beauty and last but not least my SweetSpot Labs balancing mist in citrus galbanum.

No matter what your taste or style it is sure to make your time more luxurious surrounded by the things you love. 

What’s in your boudoir?

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SweetSpot Labs® an Eye Catching Hit at IECSC

International Esthetics and Spa Conference June 28-30

by Tami Chase


A fabulous time was had by all as buyers perused our booth looking for the next great thing to add to their retail locations.  We were met with oohs and ahhs as they stepped into our space to relax on our comfy chairs while snacking on SweetSpot branded M&M’s.


Several new locations picked up our line while at the show and more continue to follow. Included are two new states that now are that much sweeter, ReJuv Med Spa in Meridian, Idaho and Designing Divas in Ardmore, Oklahoma taking us to well over 650 locations.


Our next show ISPA, to be held Nov. 10 – 13, 2008, is the largest conference event of the year for spa professionals and will be in Las Vegas, Nevada at the new Palazzo.  Drop in and see us we would love to have you!

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