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Electric Avenue

fifth_avenue_thumb2By Megan Johnson

Everyone knows the four famous females of Candace Bushnell’s notorious Sex and the City. But in her new novel, One Fifth Avenue, Bushnell uses her keen insight into Manhattan’s upper echelon to deconstruct both sexes through the eccentric inhabitants of an infamous Manhattan apartment building. Upon the death of penthouse owner and society doyenne Mrs. Houghton, new society darling Annalise Rice and her success-obsessed husband, Paul, take over the space to the dismay of first floor residents Mindy and James Gooch, who struggle to keep up with the filthy rich.

Acclaimed author Philip Oakland takes in seductive social climber Lola Fabrikant as an assistant, and she quickly becomes his lover in an attempt to ascend New York society. Other residents include bon vivant Billy Litchfield, who realizes that by associating with the rich he is accepted as one of them, and celebrated actress Schiffer Diamond, whose past relationship with Philip is equally as juicy.

Through the struggle to survive in dog-eat-dog Manhattan, Bushnell’s characters must look beyond their seemingly perfect wealth and privilege to recognize their faults. It’s easy to declare the novel as another chick-lit tale of the obscenely wealthy. However, One Fifth Avenue greatly surpasses Bushnell’s previous writings in poignancy and emotional depth. Through the struggles her complex characters face, the reader comprehends that no matter how privileged a life one leads, the hardest person to see in a negative light is often the one staring back at you in the mirror.


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A 24k Gold Spray, Swarovski-crystal Bikini Wax? Okay then!


by Charu Suri of the

A bushy Betty is really passé, girls. This Valentine’s Day has got to sizzle. I mean, 28/7. You’ll need a glam updo for dinner, and a sexy down-do for the bedroom. Completely Bare is offering an opulent bikini wax with 24k gold spray and Swarovski crystals to adorn your *ahem* for the big day. Er, night.

The Opulent Bikini Wax is available at all salons (it used to be available only at the flagship store). What will your “down under” receive? A full Completely Bare bikini wax, a 24k gold spray to give your skin extra shimmer and Swarovski crystals applied by hand in the design of your choice. There are also two limited edition designs: a red Swarovski Crystal Heart or your significant other’s initials. Here’s the best (or twisted) part. If you’re single, you can opt for a broken heart or a skull and crossbones. Hey, Jack Sparrow would dig it.

Completely Bare Locations: 103 Fifth Ave, NYC; 764 Madison Ave; NYC, Barney’s New York; 25 Bond Street in NYC and 12 Chase Road, Scarsdale, NY

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Blog on Snogging


by Tami Chase

I learned a new word today, however I don’t think I will ever find myself saying it, only when said with a British accent can the word snog or snogging be pulled off.  Now I know you are asking yourself what is snogging?  Well my friends it has nothing to do with clogging in the snow, or snorting while drinking eggnog simply put it is passionate kissing.  So the next time you are among brits and they are trying to conceal the true meaning in a converstation, you will have a proverbial leg up on them. 

If you want to partake in some snogging, don’t forget to bring along your Snog Balm.  Although it sounds like something you would use on your nose, with flavors like Strawberry Tease, Cheeky Mint, Naked and Virgin Cherry you can tell it is meant for your lips and his.

Now that I have your attention there is yet another way to Snog…with Pure Frozen Yogurt, of course you have to go London, but hey it might be worth the trip!

Have you done your snogging today?

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by Cross Woodfield


Okay so a little social commentary never hurt anybody, right?  Here’s what I got for ya.


Is it just me or have straight guys gotten a lot more flirty…with each other? 


The urban dictionary interprets a new wave word, for possibly a new wave concept,  Bromance: the complicated love and affection shared by two straight males.” 


Their example:

“Steve: Ah, Dave!!! I can’t believe you stole this first pressing of Aladdin Sane from your recordstore for me. We were just talking about this the other night.

Dave: No sweat, pal.

Steve: That is some full-on bromance. You’re the man.”


At my summer camp the guy counselors (the cool, arrogant, popular ones) hold hands with each other, caress each other’s faces, and promenade arm-in-arm from the cabins to the dining hall.  A little odd, no?


Not at summer camp.  Then, I was thinking about all these movies that are coming out (Stepbrothers, Pineapple Express) that glorify the bonds between brotherfromanothermothers and feature girls as flirty, eye-candy minor characters.


And as much as my feminist tendencies beg to ridicule the skewed perspective, it’s really fun to watch.


I imagine the same way guys fantasize about two girls making out, girls enjoy watching two guy friends make each other smile.  It’s cute…adorable actually.  It’s my porn.


That, and watching guys dance (see West Side Story for details).

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