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Inquiring Minds Want to Know…”What Should a Woman’s Proper pH Be?”


As you can see, it depends what stage of life you are in as to the proper pH your sweet spot should have.  Now I don’t need to use a pH testing strip to see if I am off as there are other tell tale signs, but you may need to buy some if you want to know how to correct it.  If you are in the 6 range you are heading toward too akaline and if you are in the 2-3 range you are leaning toward being too acidic.  On a scale of 1-14 we have determined the best range to be between 4-5 to be less cause for irritation and less of a breeding ground for unwanted yeast and bacteria.

To Learn more about pH please see the Knowledge Base area of our site.


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The Good, the Bad and the Ugly Side of Valentine’s Day


I can’t tell you how many of my friends say they just don’t care about Valentine’s Day anymore, so this blog is for you, you know who you are!  Even Marie Claire has come up with a list of “10 Things We Hate About Valentine’s Day” and I must admit I agree. 

Well I am sure we can all create a list a mile long of things we’d like to receive for Valentine’s Day, however as you get older the list seems to dwindle.  Maybe it is because those things we receive are so few and far between receiving them on any day of the year would make you happy. 

 I think this lack of Valentine’s interest has come from years of being let down, so that is definitely the ugly truth.  I don’t want to hear from the handful of you that are spoiled this holiday, because you know his motivation behind the holiday, uh huh, you guessed it.  But hey, after all maybe that isn’t so bad. 

Enjoy your day whatever you do, I’d be happy to not have to cook dinner, what would you like?

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Blog on Snogging


by Tami Chase

I learned a new word today, however I don’t think I will ever find myself saying it, only when said with a British accent can the word snog or snogging be pulled off.  Now I know you are asking yourself what is snogging?  Well my friends it has nothing to do with clogging in the snow, or snorting while drinking eggnog simply put it is passionate kissing.  So the next time you are among brits and they are trying to conceal the true meaning in a converstation, you will have a proverbial leg up on them. 

If you want to partake in some snogging, don’t forget to bring along your Snog Balm.  Although it sounds like something you would use on your nose, with flavors like Strawberry Tease, Cheeky Mint, Naked and Virgin Cherry you can tell it is meant for your lips and his.

Now that I have your attention there is yet another way to Snog…with Pure Frozen Yogurt, of course you have to go London, but hey it might be worth the trip!

Have you done your snogging today?

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Too Much or Not Enough?

by Tami Chase

My friday question of the week I pose to you is how do you know when you have on enough make-up?  Or maybe a better question is, how do you know when you have on too much?  I guess when you start looking like someone else, it is time to break out the wash cloth and take off a layer or two.

Sometimes when you wake up you have that sort of fresh face look, then you shower and start the “getting ready” process and the end result is worse than when you started!  I don’t know who we are putting make-up on for, the people we see or for people who see us?  I guess it can be so we don’t scare people, but which is scarier, too much or not enough? 

You decide.

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Over It

by Jessica Golden

Do you obsess about your body?  I’ve been working really hard on maintaining a state of acceptance.  I’ve struggled with food, weight, and body preoccupation for years, and frankly, I don’t have it in me anymore.  I’m curious what some of the ways other women have dealt with these issues are.  What has helped you accept your body exactly as it is today, rather than how you’d like it to be next month? 

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Internet or Internot?

by Jessica Golden

I recently had a conversation with a friend about internet dating.  She can’t remove the stigma in her mind attached to meeting someone online.  I’ve taken the cyber plunge and found it to serve as a catalyst to get the ball rolling romantically.  While I haven’t met “the one”, I’ve had plenty of positive experiences.  Putting up a profile on a dating site might actually help bring someone from “offline” into your life — you’re sending out a message to the universe that you’re ready to meet someone!  I have no shame in the internet game!  Where do you stand?

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by Cross Woodfield


Adam Brody caught me on the brink my ascent toward womanhood.  I was twelve, and Gilmore Girls was my religion.  He played Dave, the band-geek-come-rocker boyfriend of Lane, Rory’s cool Asian best friend.  It was love at first site.  I watched him every Tuesday and tried to look him up but, alas, with no other credits and a re-occuring role on an increasingly less popular TV show, he didn’t even have a website.  Eventually he scored the The O.C. as well as the feature film In the Land of Women, and I remained devoted to him, undoubtedly his number one fan.


I seriously considered writing him a letter asking him to be my prom date.


Eventually I moved onto Gael Garcia Bernal, Heath Ledger (may he rest in peace), and all the guys that Nylon Magazine would shoot for their street style sections.


And now I’ve started to wonder…I am a full-fledged, Sweet-Spot-loving woman, and maybe I should stop falling for fictional characters and celebrities I’ve never met.


What do you think?  Is crushing on celebrities only appropriate for adolescents, or is it a healthy life-long hobby for girls who need to spice up their daydreams?

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