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The World According to Oz, Dr. Oz that is









by Tami Chase

Known as America’s doctor on Oprah, Dr. Mehmet Oz is one smart cookie.  While vice-chair and professor of surgery at Columbia University he also directs the Cardiovascular Institute and Complementary Medicine Program at NewYork–Presbyterian Hospital. 

Though his research interests are in the area of the heart, he helps women by discussing issues on Oprah that sometimes are at the “heart” of a women’s existence, her sweet spot. 

When asked if douching was a good way to stay clean, he made the now so popular statement that the “vajayjay” is a self cleaning oven.  He was quoted on Oprah as saying “”You have your own bacteria in there. They’re for you. You’re supposed to have them there. When you wipe them out with a vinegar douche, then you’re left with repopulating it with whatever happens to be nearby. It may not be what’s best for you,” he says.

Douching, Dr. Oz says, may even make you more likely to have some problems, such as ectopic pregnancies and infections that can cause infertility. “It’s a big problem. That’s why I don’t think there’s any really good reason to douche. Period,” Dr. Oz says.

Keeping the vagina clean externally is important, and Dr. Oz says you should always wipe front to back to prevent urinary tract infections. And if you are worried about something in that area, you should go to a doctor and get treatment—Dr. Oz says that covering up problems with a douche won’t solve anything.

Oh Dr. Oz, tell them about SweetSpot Labs wipettes!


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“Down There” Waxing How to


Finally, Completely Bare has come up with not only their own waxing products, but their own do it yourself step-by-step instructional video.  Now for those of you that are the hands on type this will be helpful, but for those of you that can’t even do a yoga pose, you may want to just spend a little extra money and have a professional do it right.

Try it out and let us know what you think!

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Redbook Magazine page 164


Yep, that’s us, right next to the massage oil and feathers.  Touted as a way to freshen up after an all night affair, we are NO.1 on the list of What to Wear and Bare in the Bedroom this Valentines.

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Men’s Personal Care Anyone?


SweetSpot Labs knows how to take care of a woman’s needs, but what about the men, who is taking care of them?  I am not talking about organic, anti-aging, wrinkle defying, self-tanning skin care products, but real keep me clean all day long products.  Billy Jealousy has a whole line of products for a man, unfotunately, most stop at the neck.  They’ve got pre-shave treatment, hair strengthening shampoo and wipe-out eye cream, but what about the rest of the body?  Molton Brown and Baxter of California both create luxury items for grooming while for a more rough and tumble sort of product Anthony Logistics has you covered, with products like the mud scrub exfoliating bar that I just might have to check into.  But if you are looking for something more rustic and even less expensive try Woody’s Meat and Potatoe Soap, you can pick it up for $6.95 at Brighton Beauty Supply.  Better yet, buy one of each, give it to the man in your life and reclaim your bottle of SweetSpot Labs gentle wash this Super Bowl season.

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Menstruation Could Be Worse?


by Tami Chase

Here in America we tend to complain a lot when it comes to our period. We can learn a lot from other cultures that have a much different way of dealing with “that time of the month”.  In Nepal the girls are ostracized during that time (known as the chhaupadi), considered unpure and sent to a separate room away from the view of a male for up to 7 days.  Now here in America that sounds like a great thing and might solve a lot of problems in a household, but this is a very serious matter.  Most of the time the girls and women are forced into cowsheds that can be almost a mile away from the village.  The poorer ones use extremely dilapidated and unhygienic outhouses made from mud, stone, and wood with no windows.  Having been to Nepal myself I can attest to these types of structures.  (Go to for more information).

 Fortunately for them these days, many women groups and NGO’s are taking the cause of opposing the chhaupadi system, which is a good thing which makes us optimistic about the elimination of the superstitious, discriminatory and inhuman tradition in the coming days.  And fortunately for us we have bidet-in-a-bottle by SweetSpot Labs, see menstruation could be worse.

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Did you get what you wanted for Christmas?


If you didn’t get what you wanted for Christmas, Valentines Day is right around the corner!  Better yet why not buy yourself that special something gift set you’ve had your eye on.  Bliss has a new set called Bikini Perfect Deluxe – Spa Edition, which contains everything you need to be swimsuit ready, minus the suit of course.  Or jump on over to SweetSpot Labs website for a look at their fabulousness terry bag set for one last step in your beauty ritual that is sure to keep your sweet spot set.  Either is sure to make your Valentines that much better!

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Little BlackBook


It’s always nice to have that special little secret thing you do for yourself that makes people go wow, you look great, what did you do to your hair, skin etc., but SweetSpot Labs is one of those secrets you MUST share. has let the secret out in their Holiday Gift Guide and so should you!  Make a new best friend this winter by spreading the word.  Trust me, she will thank you for it.

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