Healthy Mother/Daughter Conversations Start With…

by Christienne Miller

“Mom! Are you seriously trying to talk to me about…that? I mean, eeeww, gross, I can’t even look at you right now.” The comment burst from my 17-year-old niece’s heavily glossed lips, accompanied by the all-too-familiar dramatic eye roll. “Well, maybe your Aunt Tissy can point out a few things?” My sister quivered with her large blue eyes looking more saucer-like than usual, and her lashes blinking out a frantic S.O.S. in my direction. 


So, I took a moment – and a deep breath – and did my best President Obama (when dealing with a difficult issue) impression. “O.K. Look. You know that your mom and I love you, and we always want what’s best for you right?” That provoked a muffled “yes” and a slight “here we go again” sigh. “Well, personal grooming is extremely important. Especially for young women. With all the products you put in your hair and on your face, what makes you think your most sensitive areas don’t need extra care too?”


I could tell she was considering my comments as I drove home my point, “I wish I had SweetSpot Labs® products like Hormone Harmony when I was your age – even younger. What with all the changes my body went through and how embarrassing and uncomfortable feminine issues can be sometimes.”


“Really?” She asked, trying to gauge my level of authenticity. “Absolutely. I’m ecstatic that I have them now!” This sent her off into giggles. “Oh, Aunt Tissy, you are just so… presh.” At which point I reminded her that my outspoken nature is precisely what she loves about me, and her mom. After a moment, she finally tossed out “So, what was that stuff called again?”


Speaking about it, later with my sister, sparked a whole other conversation. We talked about how we wished our mother had felt more comfortable discussing the importance of healthy personal grooming with us. I reflected that I had, pretty much, learned about changes in my body from her (my sister), who in turn had picked things up from magazine articles, but most of the time just had to “wing it” – which usually led to discomfort (a.k.a. spraying perfume in our underwear – really bad idea). If only we had access to SweetSpot Labs® products then, we mused.


Thank goodness we’ve got them now – as do all the other mothers and daughters and sisters out there too. It makes it much easier to start your own healthy and necessary conversations, with all the girls and women you know. Pass the word to a friend today!





  1. Sari said

    OMgosh! I remember that commercial. But, you guys don’t advocate douching though, do you?

    • You are absolutely correct, we don’t advocate douching but thought the commercial was funny! Please see the Dr. Oz article.

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