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Can Talc Cause Cancer?

by Tami Chase

We have a lot of women asking if we will come up with a talc for feminine hygiene, like baby powder, in my reading I am finding that it has been linked to ovarian cancer.  This is a very scary thought as we have all used it on our babies and even on occassion on ourselves.  Beauty Brains has written a great article that breaks down the study, so you can see just what was involved in the testing.  I was looking for an alternative for my son and I think I might have to go throw out my baby powder right now! says that ‘Talc poses a health risk when exposed to the lungs. Talc miners have shown higher rates of lung cancer and other respiratory illnesses from exposure to industrial grade talc, which contains dangerous silica and asbestos. The common household hazard posed by talc is inhalation of baby powder by infants. Since the early 1980s, records show that several thousand infants each year have died or become seriously ill following accidental inhalation of baby powder.”

Now I am asking myself, what is this about silica?  I thought that was good for you, hello, Fiji Water!  Looks like I have to do some more research, after all knowledge is power.

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The Big Give from Arizona Spa Girls


Here is an excerpt from “AZSpaGirls eBlast: Big Give” Issue that I think you will enjoy:


On a final note, our philosophy is that a spa girl is more than just the sum of her rockin’ haircut, perfect pout and peaceful grace. A true spa girl’s beauty shines from an inner core draped in kindness, reverence and knowing not to take yourself too seriously. We endearingly refer to this glow as your “inner bee.”


So once you’ve found a chance to relax and renew this holiday season (as you should!), click here for our list of ways to feed your inner bee and get that shiny, pretty glow that comes from the heart.


And here’s to a happy and healthy 2009!


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Little BlackBook


It’s always nice to have that special little secret thing you do for yourself that makes people go wow, you look great, what did you do to your hair, skin etc., but SweetSpot Labs is one of those secrets you MUST share. has let the secret out in their Holiday Gift Guide and so should you!  Make a new best friend this winter by spreading the word.  Trust me, she will thank you for it.

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PoshMom Teams up with Children’s Miracle Network

poshmomballandcomputersmaller is the ultimate source for the new breed of mother-she’s hip, savvy, and sensational. She was fabulous before kids-at work, at home, at a cocktail party-and she still is. A sophisticated parent who is not reading books on child-rearing 101, the posh mom is more interested in info that’s geared for her modern ways (juggling lunch dates and play dates, commuting and carpooling, me-time and mommy-and-me-time). 


At PoshMom they know that and are dedicated to bringing her all she needs to know about fashion, beauty, celeb, and lifestyle for herself and her kids, packaging it in quick bits of info for those who like to keep in the know despite their hectic schedules.


This season is donating 10 cents to the Children’s Miracle Network for every new subscriber to their bi-weekly newsletter for “PoshMom Gives Back”, so sign up now


Do you know someone who should win a mom of the year award?  Sign-up to nominate your favorite Posh Mom to win a weekend in paradise!


Check out their press section to learn more about PoshMom and the women behind it.

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Flirt Salon Burbank, CA


Our store of the week, Flirt Salon, has been voted the #1 choice for waxing by MyFoxLA’s Hotlist, winning the award 2 years in a row and is also the winner of the 2007 and 2008 Best of Burbank awards!  Come meet Sandi, Meredith, Ginger, Liesl and front desk girl Crystal for a come-as-you-are relaxing experience among friends.  With prices ranging from $25-$150 you are sure to find something to fit your needs.

859 N. Hollywood Way, Burbank, California 91505, 818-843-9400

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