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Happy Thanksgiving!

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Potpourri for your Loo



Who’d of thought to spray something in the bathroom before you use it!?  Well, Sergio Batiz, a surgical assistant by trade, with his sister-in-law Suzy Batiz did.  Poo-Pourri (not kidding that is the actually name) is made with a secret blend of all-natural essential oils, just a few sprays in the bowl before using the toilet virtually eliminates odors. 

Now I must say I have not tried it yet, however, I was recently given a sample and will have to give it a whirl.  I have heard from other people that it really works, so I bet it probably does!  I am not big on leaving that kind of thing out, but the little portable bottles I saw were really cute.

I’ve actually used the SweetSpot Labs balancing mist for the air and I think it works great.  It leaves the room smelling fresh without covering anything up.  Of course, that is not what it is for, but hey if I can get more than one use out of it the better.

We’ve got your front, they’ve got your back.

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The Art of Threading®


by Tami Chase

I like to think that I am not vain, well I’m really not, but I do want to take care of myself as to not offend my spouse.  I think that has to be one of my main motivations for enduring some somewhat painful procedures, even if he doesn’t think I need them.

I’ve been waxed, lasered, chemical peeled, microdermabrasioned and my new favorite threaded and that is just on my face!  Well, I don’t know why it is my favorite because just getting the eyebrows done can be somewhat pain threshold challenging.  Nonetheless I’ve done it a couple of times at my favorite beauty salon, Ziba Beauty.  If you live in Southern California you’ve gotta to check them out, did I mention they carry SweetSpot Labs® products?

This last time I stepped it up a notch and thought, “hey I’ve done the eyebrows, why not try out the lip”.  Well I can give you several good reasons why not too, but the few minutes of pain are worth the results, beautiful eyebrows without the bumps.

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