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Monthly Visitor


Did you know there is a site for all things related to your monthly visitor?  It is called  This is a great resource for all those daughters out there beginning womenhood and of course they carry our line of SweetSpot Labs products as well.  Not only is it a one stop shop, they have a very informative section on menstration and the menstrual cycle.  How cool is that, just sit your daughter down and let her read.  Much better than how I learned, which was by reading the tampon box!  Once she starts then have her sign up for our cycle diary, Spot Clock! and she will be all set.


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This is Me Brimming with Excitement

by Cross Woodfield


I guess you can’t really call this a book review because I haven’t read the book because it hasn’t been released yet.


It’s more like a book PRE-view.


On October 28, I don’t know what y’all will be doing, but I will be voraciously yet exactingly savouring my first look at Influence by Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, the coffee table bible of our generations’ fashion trends.


Now I am the first to admit that as far as acting skills reach, the twins are no Meryl.  But they are (in my opinion) unquestionable fashion icons and risk-lovers when it comes to style.


So this book sounds pretty fab:  according to Penguin, the book’s publisher, it will feature “exclusive photographs of Ashley and Mary-Kate from world renowned photographer Rankin, and a wide variety of other never-before-seen materials and interviews from Mary-Kate and Ashley’s personal collections.


I’m not trying to get my hopes up or anything, but it seems to me the girls would have to try awfully hard to make anything anything that’s constructed of Diane Von Firstenburg and Karl Lagerfeld interviews, and pictures of Marianne Faithfull and Twiggy, mediocre.


I think it’s very mature, humble, and wise of the Olsen twins to use their power for good: knowing that millions of girls worldwide will listen to whatever they say, they’ve decided to teach us about those who came before them.


What do y’all think of the Olsen twins?

I must admit they’re my total guilty pleasure…them and blackberry cobbler.

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PERSONal Style

by Cross Woodfield


You know those lazy daisy days of summer, filled to the brim with Gilmore Girls, nectarines, and the endless search for new fashion inspiration?


Well Scott Schuman’s cup doth overfloweth.  The pictures I most adore on his beloved blog, “The Sartorialist” (, are the ones that seem the most un-fashiony.  They’re the ones that many would look at and say, “That’s fashion?” the same way many would look at a Jackson Pollock and say, “That’s art?”


Well, that got me thinking.  Does personal style mean you always think about what you wear, or does it mean you always look good despite whether you think about it or not.  I think true personal style embodies the latter, and I think the two women above are golden proof:  I’ve a crazy feeling that if you told them they looked wonderful, they’d look at you like you were totally nuts.  They’d tell you you caught them on an awful day, on the way to the supermarket, on the morning after a long night…which makes me think that personal style is not something that can be bought and it is definitely not something that can be put on pause.


It is some people’s natural expressions of their entire lives, of their doings and seeings and beings.  I feel like I know these two very different women because what they wear is emotive.  And whether or not they know it, they are revealing a lot about themselves.


That’s PERSONAL style.

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by Cross Woodfield


Adam Brody caught me on the brink my ascent toward womanhood.  I was twelve, and Gilmore Girls was my religion.  He played Dave, the band-geek-come-rocker boyfriend of Lane, Rory’s cool Asian best friend.  It was love at first site.  I watched him every Tuesday and tried to look him up but, alas, with no other credits and a re-occuring role on an increasingly less popular TV show, he didn’t even have a website.  Eventually he scored the The O.C. as well as the feature film In the Land of Women, and I remained devoted to him, undoubtedly his number one fan.


I seriously considered writing him a letter asking him to be my prom date.


Eventually I moved onto Gael Garcia Bernal, Heath Ledger (may he rest in peace), and all the guys that Nylon Magazine would shoot for their street style sections.


And now I’ve started to wonder…I am a full-fledged, Sweet-Spot-loving woman, and maybe I should stop falling for fictional characters and celebrities I’ve never met.


What do you think?  Is crushing on celebrities only appropriate for adolescents, or is it a healthy life-long hobby for girls who need to spice up their daydreams?

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UTI’s From Brazilian Waxing?

I found some information on UTI’s from brazilian waxing and it made my skin crawl.  I have heard of people getting folliculitis from having their legs waxed at salon because they are re-using the same wax the rest of the town used, but never thought about it from a brazilian!  Maybe that is such a touchy subject no one wants to come forward. 

iVillage has an informative article on Beauty Gone Bad, plus some tips on Averting Wax Attacks.  Have you had a bad experience or heard someone else’s horror story before?  Do Share, we would love to learn what to look out for from your point of view.  As always, wax safe.

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Male Yeast Infections? Yikes!

Yeast infections are about as common as a cold, if not more so, but did you know you can pass one on to your partner?  It never even crossed my mind!  Not that during that time you even let them near you, but maybe you don’t even know you have one! 

The SweetSpot Labs® Knowledge Base is always a great resource for answers on all things sweet spot, but now you have another resource as well at  However, you may want to do this in the comfort of your own home without your colleagues looking over your shoulder….always looking out for you!  And by the way, if you were using SweetSpot Labs® line of intimate grooming products, you might not be reading this at all.  I have been using the products for 5 years and I have been 5 years free of yeast infections, go ahead and order now!

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No Malfunctions for E! Host

by Tami Chase

Apparently E! host Giuliana Rancic read my previous post, there were no wardrobe malfunctions for her.  According to the September 15, 2008 edition of InTouch magazine when asked what her red carpet secret was she said “Tape.”  I think she needs to share some with Golden Brooks, with Hollywood Fashion Tape at $7.50 for 36 double-stick strips with a take-away tin how can you go wrong!

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