Hitting the Spots!?

by Cross Woodfield


So apparently gay men use SweetSpot wipettes on their tushies…and I say this not to shock but to inform.


SweetSpot Labs® products seem to hit, in fact, multiple spots.


Some of us use the wipettes to mildly and subtly sanitize our surfaces, like airplane arm rests and tray tables (you know, the ones that come down from the seat in front of you).


Some of us cleanse our under-arms at the office, so we can feel sweet and fresh even at three in the afternoon forty-five minutes from home.


Some women get really enthusiastic and wash their whole bodies (head-to-toe) with SweetSpot, and some give it to their kids to wipe off their hands (less chemical-ish than wet ones).


And heck, if someone tries to attack you, just squirt them with the bidet-in-a-bottle!  No I’m kidding.  The bidet-in-a-bottle should not be wasted on attackers.


But seriously, I’m sure together we could think of some heroic uses of the SweetSpot products.  This is the twenty-first century, people!  Think outside the spot!


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