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That Time of the Month…or is it?

Do any of you keep a cycle diary?  No, I don’t mean the one that tells you how often you road your bike, I mean THAT cycle, your friendly monthy visitor.  This is sort of embarrassing, but I use to write it on my check book calendar.  I have even planned vacations around it, now that is some dedication.  My travel agent seemed to think it was a great idea and it was!  Who wants to be going to Hawaii with 4 bikini’s and a box of tampons?  Not my idea of a vacation. 


Well, I must admit after having children, I kind of don’t pay attention anymore.  I really only kept track for that reason, but after my son questioning my crying in Speed Racer I am starting to think I need to keep track again.  Fortunately for us girls SweetSpot Labs® just launched their new widget called cycle diary, Spot Clock! that I can load on to my desktop and have reminders sent discreetly through email or sms.  How will you keep track?  I have already filled mine in, now I’m off to go plan another vacation!


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Pure Beauty/BeautyFirst NEWS FLASH

Sixteen more BeautyFirst and Pure Beauty locations can now be added to the long list of clients that currently carry the full line of SweetSpot Labs® products in their stores.  We can be found at 64 of their locations across the United States from California to Virginia and Washington to Kentucky.

If you are looking for a full service salon, BeautyFirst is the place for you.  BeautyFirst combines an upscale, full-service color salon with an expansive retail selection of haircare, skincare, nailcare, cosmetics and bath and body items.

PureBeauty® is a beauty lifestyle retailer.  Their keys to success are product selection, environment and expertise.  For a little elegance in shopping, drop in one today!


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Just Say No to Douching


Since the launch of our new product, bidet-in-a-bottle™, I have been getting the same question over and over, “so it’s like a douche right?”  And the answer is NO.  Contrary to old school thinking, we now know douching can upset your natural chemistry balance **. This can spark a cyclical disturbance that can do more harm than help. That’s where bidet-in-a-bottle comes in. This cleansing rinse can help maintain pH balance, soothe, refresh, and offer you instant sweetification.

So you’re probably asking when you use it.  This innovative invention for intimate care is a Shower of Power whenever you feel the need. During your period, pre- or post-sex, post-baby recovery time, after a long day at work or after your work out as a quick refresher. bidet-in-a-bottle is designed to be used as a gentle means of cleansing, soothing and moisturizing.  All SweetSpot Labs® products are for external use only.

** You should consult your medical doctor for any recommended douching treatment, and follow your physician’s advice.

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To Bidet or not to Bidet, that is the question

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to use a bidet?  Maybe you don’t even know what it is?  (Check out Bidet News for demonstrations).  Or maybe you have already used one and wonder no more!   I’ve seen them, I even knew a girl in elementary school that had one in her own bathroom, but I have never actually experienced the “art” of the bidet.  I say art, because it seems just that, an art. 

I picture myself in my skinny jeans pulled down around my ankles with my platform shoes on scooting my feet across the floor to position myself on the cold porcelain rim with no seat.  I drop down to the rim, because it is like sitting in a kindergartners chair, turn the water on, get the spray adjusted, pat myself dry and get up to find my shirt was in the way.  Clearly there is a learning curve.   

At the same time I can totally see the importance and relevance.  Once I got it down pat, no pun intended, I’m sure the idea would grow on me and I wouldn’t stop using it.  During that time of the month, or after “that”…you know what I mean, horseback riding (just kidding, but that would work too!) or even after you gave birth, how nice would that have been?  

I don’t know about you, but my bathroom barely has room for a person to stand in it, so if I bought a bidet it would have to be attached to the door!   But there is actually something that just might fit my needs even better, it is SweetSpot Labs® innovative bidet-in-a-bottle™.  As a matter of fact I know it will fit my needs even better, no more hobbling to the next porcelain fixture and no more hoping the temperature will be right because the bidet-in-a-bottle™ has a temperature gauge right on the bottle!  This portable bidet comes with an intimate waters™ concentrate packette to make your clean that much cleaner.  Formulated with girl-friendly essences and refreshing natural extracts, just add lukewarm ‘H-2-oh’ (water) to create an unexpected luxury, your quick fix of fabulousness that will leave you with the oh-so-fresh feeling to the –nth degree.


Hurray for bidet-in-a-bottle, now you too can learn the song “I have a bidet”, giftable, disposable, now how sweet is that!? 

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Do you Gym and Go or Gym and Glow?



So often in our busy lives we forget to take care of numero uno.  After marriage and kids we can drop to like number five on the importance list.  There are several things you need to make sure you maintain, your teeth, your body, your skin and everyone forgets this one, your sweet spot.

There’s nothing better than feeling totally clean, fresh and refreshed, so why scrimp when it comes to caring for your body. SweetSpot Labs® is here to look after every woman with for-purpose products to meet her needs.

Don’t gym and go, gym and glow.  We’re pioneers, yet, what are we offering a woman? The right products for intimate grooming, as it should be, and her right to feel fresh and fabulous with a complete beauty ritual for her most intimate self. What do the women who have used SweetSpot Labs’® products say? A resounding, “FINALLY! What took so long?”.

Now everyone can start their day the SweetSpot way!

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Don’t Leave Home without it


I often wonder how women can go to their gynecology appointment or have some intimate waxing done and not have showered or freshened up.  That is just wrong!  I am seeing the tables begin to turn however, estheticians are fighting back not with their fists but with wipettes.  SweetSpot Labs® individually wrapped singles are a girls secret weapon and now your estheticians too!  Discreetly placed on the treatment table and sure to start some conversation, the esthetician politely asks if the client would like to freshen up a bit. 


Flushable, & fabulous, SweetSpot Labs® on-the-go wipettes are good for women of all ages. Who doesn’t want easy luxe to-go refresher and pick-me-upper?


Tell your esthetician NOW, cleanliness is next to fabulousness.

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Bubble Baths are No No’s

Here at SweetSpot Labs we are always talking about your sweet spots health and how to maintain that pH balance.  Sometimes you may forget that your kids need to be treated with the same care.  Bubble baths have long since been known as a pH up setter and the cause of UTI’s and yeast infections in adults, but the same goes for children.  Omaha Boys Town Pediatrics has a few suggestions to help prevent this problem in kids.

Have you experienced this problem with your children and if so what did you change to be proactive about a solution?


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