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History of the Bidet


I stumbled upon an article from Life in on the history of the bidet.  The French would apparently only wash their bodies once a week back in the 1700’s and needed something to keep their nether regions clean during the rest of the week.  They used perfumed oils instead of soap when they did bathe, probably much like the essential oils found in SweetSpot Labs gentle wash.  Amazing how back then they knew that soap was harmful and would remove valuable natural oils our body needs, but we are just now learning about it again.  So lets save trees, money and our skin and end our day the bidet way!


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What’s in Your Loo?


What do Toto, Washlet and Biffy all have in common?  No, they aren’t my dogs names, they are all bidets.  We’ve learned what a bidet is, how to use it properly and other creative uses, now you can see the many different styles and brands.  There are so many choices these days that you need a graph to help you decide which one to buy!  With companies like Toto we can begin to catch up to Spain and other parts of Europe.  In one blog I read it said in some countries like Argentina your house actually goes down in value if you don’t have a bidet.  So next time you go to the loo imagine what it would be like if you had a bidet next to your water closet.

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How Do you Use a Bidet?

According to Wikipedia Bidet is a French word for pony (and in Old French bider meant to trot). This etymology comes from the fact that one rides a bidet much like one does a pony.  I was shocked to learn that the user should sit on a bidet facing the tap and nozzle.  You can sit with your back to the tap and wall, but it is generally the other way. 

So now we come to the sitting portion of our lesson or actually the straddling portion.  Bidets don’t have seats like toilets.  According to Alice “If your unit is the kind that sprays up from the basin, then it’s pretty much an auto-wash, and dry-off with a towel. Some bidets fill up like sinks that require the washee to do a little more work. If used properly, your body should keep the water in the bidet where it belongs.”

It’s becoming a little more clear now, but I’m not sure I like the idea of filling the sink style bidet up with water and re-using the water.  Thought we were trying to wash off, not put it back on!?

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The Many Uses of a Bidet

There must be endless possibilities for using a bidet.  Go Ask Alice gave several ideas herself, foot massager, water fountain and laundry washer.  Not sure if I am going to try those, but I would rinse my feet off after coming in from the beach or during diaper changing use it on the baby for a more gentle clean.  My youngest would be using it to wash his hands, “finally a sink I can reach!”  If you still aren’t sure how to use it correctly wikiHow can show you now.


So Friday’s question of the week is, what other uses have you found for a bidet?


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Hey, what’s a bidet?

Found a great letter today from Go Ask Alice that answered the question “Hey, what’s a bidet?”  It gives an informative answer and also expresses that it is does not mimic douching – which they state is now considered an activity that is no longer recommended.


Times are changing, so its time to catch up with Europe and have a nice (bi)det!

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Bumps Bringing you Down?


It is a no bump zone week and we’re not talking speed bumps here girls, we are talking about that dreadful bikini line.  But I have found a NEW product that just hit the market last month, Bikini Kitty for your trauma drama solution!  If you are looking for a razor burn soother this just may be the ticket.  Of course SweetSpot Labs balancing mist can be used all over your body, so don’t forget to add that to your shopping list. 


I think tomorrow I am going in search of the perfect razor… 

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Bumps be Gone

Well, I hit the mother load tonight, I found 16 different creams to use to shave, exfoliate, stop the bumps, x-out ingrown hairs and something called “cool-aid”, but the funniest had to be the No Scream Cream by Relax Wax.  I must admit I was expecting to see a roll of duct tape that went along with the tube for the No Scream part of the cream, but nope it’s just a tube of cream.  PFB Vanish is another product I have heard works great for removing bikini bumps, I would be willing to give it a try.  What do you use to keep bikini bumps at bay?  SweetSpot Labs gentle wash works great at keeping me soothed.

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